The Divorce Cannot, His Wife Applies Toxicity Into ‘private’ Harmful Husband

When he was about to satisfy his wife, the husband smelled the smell of the drug and decided to stop. It is this sensitivity that saved his life.0: 00/1: 34 Nouthern people have been a spouse for many years when the end of a relationship is not simple. A wife in Brazil was too bored with a tedious marriage life that repeatedly filed a divorce with her husband but was denied. Instant, distributed, she decided to use the cruel trick, to harm himself to harm himself, causing a stir to public opinion

. According to the posting information, the wife has long been a long-standing wife, indifferent , Enjoy control and irresponsibility of her husband. Therefore, for many years, she has a lot of time filed a donor to divorce her husband but is not agreed by the husband. Illustration
Leads with marriage life is no different from prison, woman day and night Court how to get rid of husband's control. That day, she decided to apply a large amount of toxicity into his closed area and tried to seduce her husband in love. Not only that, his wife also asked her husband to kiss his private place. But when he was about to satisfy his wife, the husband smelled the smell of the drug. Worried the wife's body with sickness, the husband forced his wife to a clinic near the house to check. At the clinic, the doctor detected the private area of the woman containing large amounts of toxins enough to kill people. It is worth mentioning the poison that has absorbed into her body, luckily being emergency timely, otherwise the life is dangerous. When it is informed, the husband shocked when he knew the truth, he decided to brake sound Attend the murder of his wife and hope that his wife will suffer adequate fines. On the wife's side, she doesn't feel regretful but only angry, falling because the plan is not into the plan, the incident is still attracting Pay attention to public opinion. Readers who read videos: Billionaire Bill Gates couple divorced and divided property
Source: VTV24Ka (according to DM)

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