The Dog Follows The Owner Of 9 Years Of Cancer Treatment, Both For A Few Hours Apart

During 9 years Mr. Hove treatment of cancer, the Gunner dog is always beside. The day of the dog died, Mr. Hove also vented the last breath.0: 00/1: 58 Nouthern Gunner dogs in the owner in the last days of life

. In 2012, Mr. Daniel Hove - a firefighter Retirement in the US - diagnosed with cancer. During 9 years of treatment, his 11-year-old pet dog was always in the edge and accompanied the owner
Heather girl Hove, Heather Nicoletti shared with Koala magazine: "I think my father deliberately wanted Keep it all that time. Both stick together since the Gunner Dog was born ". In addition, there is a special thing that Heather saw his father's health and Gunner seems to decline at the same time." In the morning Gunner died, it Did not move away from the position for 24 hours and didn't eat anything. " Gunner's veterinarian believes that the dog body has a large blood clot. Before falling into a coma, Mr. Hove told her daughter: "Let Gunner go to surgery". By 12:30 'That day, Gunner died. 2h55 'On the same day, Mr. Hove also vented the last breath
Gunner is Hove's big encouragement for 9 years of treating cancer. Loyal dog refuses to leave the boss in the last days, so The family must put a bed for Gunner in Hove's room. "It refused to leave my father. It also followed him to all appointments with the doctor, running after him every time he worked. Wherever my father came, Gunner also followed and waited outside the truck, "Heather shared. Each when he didn't have Mr. Hove at the side, Gunner was always worried. "Throughout my father's cancer treatment, Gunner is always with him comforting. I am very grateful to have a dog like Gunner "Heather also expressed that this world will be different if people feel unconditional love from a dog like Gunner. "Whether we have a stress or uncomfortable, Gunner is always there to distract you or help us overcome" .Heather also said that Gunner was the one who helped her father pass the real stage Towels in life. "It's beautiful when both leave this world together, only a few hours apart" Hove and Gunner when both are healthy.

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