The Earthquake Shakes Across The Eastern Tajikistan, 5 People Killed

The magnitude of 5.9 earthquake shook the Eastern Tajikistan region on July 10, causing 5 people to kill and damage 19 houses in 2 villages near Tam Chan.0: 00/1: 02 nam illustration. (Source: European Mediterranean Europe Center Note a magnitude 5

.9 earthquake shaking the Eastern Tajikistan region on July 10, killing 5 people. The earthquake occurred at 7h14 'according to local time (ie 9h14' by Vietnam time). Crushing at a depth of 10km
The number of victims died, the earthquake also damaged 19 houses in 2 villages near the mind of Tajikistan's Emergency Cases, Ms. Umeda Yusufi said: "The bareness of the earthquake is determined in place 165km northeast of Dushanbe and 21 km east of Rasht County." Some electrical lines were damaged in 3 villages in Tajikabad district. All victims died in this village are in this village. The president Tajikistan Emomali Rahmon has directed a committee posted by the Prime Minister leading the consequences of this earthquake ./. Bich Lien (VNA / Vietnam)

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