The Effect From The ‘veterans’ Movement To Reduce Poverty, Do Good Economy’

Implementing the movement of emulation 'Veterans (CCB) to help each other to reduce poverty, doing good economy', in the province, there are many mirrors CCB not only enriching the family but also helps many members, People develop economics, contributing to effectively addressing poverty reduction problems, promoting the local economy to growing. The Warrior Pham Dac Ha (left) Exchange, sharing experiences in farming models Honey bee of veteran Le Thanh Hai. The excellent economic stories of CCB Pham Dac Ha, Director of Cam Thuy Ong Honey Company Limited, Chairman Club (club) Help each other economic development in town Phong Son, Cam Thuy district is impressive. In 1983, according to the call of the Fatherland, CCB Pham Dac Ha came to the army, was payrolled into the 1854 artillery brigade of Quang Ninh, participating in the border protection in Ha Mat district. In 1986 credited locally

. At that time, life was very difficult, hungry. To make a living, Mr. Ha managed to manage with many jobs, from a worker to a welder
.. but still not enough to eat. Realizing my hometown has many advantages for honey beekeepers, Uncle Ha decided to study and work. At the beginning of no capital and experience, only with traditional, simple and dependent tools on natural seed sources, bees are often diseased, underdeveloped so the effort spends much without profit. Do not falter before difficulties, re-encouraged from family, teammates and practical visits, learning, drawing experience, honey beekeeping has brought successfully. The number of bees is multiplied, the amount of confidentiality is more than a year, the quality of security, meeting the needs of consumers. With the desire to promote the advantages of the homeland, 2017, CCB Pham Dac Ha Thanh Setting up a Cam Thuy Honey Bee Company Limited with 7 workers trained and experienced with 30 members is CCB Member and Phong Son Town People. Since then, the company has so far with the Club "CCB to help each other economic development" Phong Son town has coordinated with Cam Thuy's garden and farms to organize the entire number of bees of CCB members In the district, unified on the direction of developing bees. Not only to help local economic development, creating jobs for many CCBs and people, Uncle Ha also coordinates with gardening and farms of districts such as Xuan, Thuong Xuan, Thach Thanh, Nghi Son Town Beekeeping techniques for 20 communes, with more than 600 participants
Honey products of Cam Thuy Honey Bee Company Limited was selected by Thanh Hoa Gardening and Farms to participate in many fairs and exhibitions In and outside the province and many places sign contracts. The company is also participating in a number of socio-economic development projects such as KE project, world vision ... The income of members in the company is always stable over VND 200 million / year. Many CCB members reached an income of over VND 300 million / year. There are CCBs after being supported by Uncle Ha, helping, becoming honey beekeepers. Typically, Thuong Binh Le Thanh Hai from only a few honey bees, so far over 300 units. CCB Le Thanh Hai is currently the Director of Cam Thuy Honey Bee Service Cooperative, Cooperative Creating Jobs, stable income for 14 members. About life ordinary life after the time of dedication of spring age, children for independent people Clan. In 1995 CCB Tong Quan Army in Tho Block village, Yen Duong commune, Ha Trung district received a bid nearly 3.8 hectares of the commune People's Committee and embarked on renovation and construction of VAC synthetic farm models. In addition to the amount of money, spend the family to start a business, the unyield is supported by the Social CCB to support the bank's loans and the association's capital to invest in building cages, buying seedlings, combined with pig raising, Chicken, ngan, duck and planting fruit trees. However, livestock is not always convenient, but he also has to study learning from books, internet, training courses and exchanges of gardening and farms, CCB Association. Uncle troops shared: The first electricity, no road, less capital, the experience in figures should not be infected and died much. There is a series of cholera, a series of dead pigs, must be handed over from the beginning. Foul, effort, wisdom and also bring to the results. On average, every year, the family is about 10 - 15 tons of commercial fish, tens of quintal pigs, thousands of geese, chicken, ducks and many other vegetables, tubers and fruits. Except for costs, Uncle Ho's family collected from 300 to 500 million dong / year, to make regular jobs for 4-5 workers. Currently, your farm has 30 sows, more than 100 meat pigs, planning to finish the Lunar New Year 2022. The model of a new stuffing snail invested in the first time is also starting for trade for 100,000 VND / kg ... According to Uncle Ho, raising small investment in investment, do not cost a lot of effort, food can be used from vegetables, grass, duckweed ... but bring economic efficiency so it is very looking forward to model Farming stuffed stuffed stuffed products are replicated and will be willing to help CCB members, people in the commune for breeds and knowledge. Nguyen Xuan Quang, Chairman of CCB Association of Yen Duong Commune, said: CCB Association with capital v

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