The Effect Of Rice Water Helps Japanese Women Stay Younger Than The Real Age

Thanks to rice water, Japanese women defeated all records when he always looks younger than a dozen years compared to real age0: 00/3: 11 male Japanese women's known to white skin , spotless. And although Japan is a country with a leading cosmetic industry in the world, women still take advantage of beautiful beauty methods to look younger than their age. One of them is to use rice water. Applications of rice water in beautifying premature aging to use rice water to make cleanser can help you prevent wrinkles. Fermented rice water enhances the production of collagen in the skin and helps skin stress, youthful longer

. Rice water is also very rich in antioxidants as natural weapons against early wrinkles. It is like a natural sunscreen that has a natural cooling effect and applied to the skin to help soothe Sunburning and irritation reduction. The substances found in rice have been shown to protect the skin from the harmful effects of the sun
Exposure to the sun is one of the most common causes of skin damage, and using rice water is an easy and reasonable way to protect your facial skin. The ingredients of natural and cheap skin care that most Japanese women are available in beauty cabinets. In addition to the ability to reduce wrinkles, rice water also improves skin damage and can even be used to treat some skin diseases, such as allergic dermatitis. Digital reductions The skin pigment is usually harmless, but this common skin condition can be discomfort and ashamed for some people. If not treated, dark spots can lead to uneven skin color, making your face look patchy. Rice water has been proven to be able to enhance melanin production and can reduce skin pigmentation effects effectively. Skin control with natural oils is essential for skin health because they lock Moisture and acting as a protective barrier against external impacts. However, owning a greasy shadow face is not very attractive. You often look for toners or cleansers that can make your face less than oil. In fact, many skin care products for alcohol-based oily can cause disorders of sebaceous glands and cause excessive production of sebum, so it will make your skin more greasy
Using rice water is a safely balanced greasy skin, helping to remove excess oil and do not dry your skin. How to use rice water to beautify water 1: Water should not take water for the first time Vo rice once to remove all dirt. After that, you vo my rice again and then pour the water or a separate pot. Use the above water, to enter the refrigerator for about 4-5 hours to use the rest to wash your face. Note: Do not be rice with water for too long will cause water to be sour, not good for skin. Skin 2: Clean your skin with warm skin with warm water, pores open, easily remove dirt , Dead cells accumulate inside.Step 3: Rinse with water with rice water rice and rinse face, in this process, massage the entire face according to the spiral slowly for about 2-3 minutes, Then pat the skin so that the nutrients penetrate inside to enhance the cleaning effect. As a way of skin care. Neck 4: Wash your face again Warm water washes your face again and get soft towels softly absorb dry.Loan Mac (General)

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