The Effects Of Regular High Heels

Although high heels bring confidence, charm to women, its impacts on bone health when traveling regularly are extremely dangerous.0: 00/3: 37 male high heels seemingly As a "weapon" dish that helps women confident, charming and beautiful. Although high heels are beautiful, everyone should not forget that health is more important than anything. Height increases a little thanks to high heels can also cause some serious health problems in the long run. Everyone needs to be aware of the following consequences when wearing high heels too often or in time Long and an exercise that helps improve the feeling of fatigue

. Leave the illustration clock. Many people after a long day wearing high-heeled shoes are often tilted back because they need to release pressure on their backs. Backs are form C curve in normal position
Going to high heels will change the shape of the spine and over time it can erect cartilage on the disc, joints and ligaments in the back. Create more pressure on the legs of naturally deformed naturally high heels. Therefore, the feet cushion must bear more pressure, this can affect the walking speed, stride length and shape. Pillow knee torque (rotary force) and force Compression is too large, the knee is more vulnerable when wearing high heels. "Arthritis due to worn", also known as knee density, common in women more than men, and wearing high heels is one of the main reasons for this situation. The calf may be affected by excessive height of high heels, so the ankle has a difficulty to move the foot forward while users walk. In addition, because the fish eyes are not in normal positions, the Achilles can be contracted. Over time, people who often wear high-heeled shoes are highly capable of inflammation named Achilles tendon inserted. The bad effect on a study, if the high-heeled shoes early when young, all People may have hip pain when older. The hipkeeping muscles must be kept in a continuous folding posture and this mechanical contraction can cause some health problems over time
The legs are rising, thin and fragile for health problems. The bone joint that wearing high heels also affects the aesthetic. The toenails are suppressed in high-heeled shoes for a long time that will become thin and crispy, or thick and difficult to cut. If everyone has a toenail grows reverse, you should consider carefully when wearing high heels. It can make the situation worse, causing pain, redness or even infections. Although I have never met this situation, the high-heeled shoes create an appropriate environment to develop this issue. That's why some women even have to go to medical centers or meet specialists Manicure to handle the bad situations of pedicure. If the toe is unbalanced by muscle, tendons and ligaments that make the toe of regular high-heeled shoes can be sold, the toes are no longer in the form of themselves Since they are pressed inside the front part of the shoe. Varacultural degradation is standing on high heels, blood does not pump through the vein as usual by the muscles are shrinking. Therefore, people are likely to have veins over time. If there are symptoms of the situation, people should choose comfortable shoes such as sports shoes, shoes. The flexible flexibility is suffering from all the above pain, so it is difficult for everyone to do Agility and flexible dynamics as usual. The increasing muscle tension can hinder daily activities, such as running up and downstairs, walking or jogging. If you have to go to high heels, everyone should take the time to massage your feet. Relaxing episodes when wearing a high-heeled shoe with a thick book about 3 cm on the floor. Then let the buffer part of the right foot on the book and heel on the ground. Next, bend forward and try to grab the book (can bend his knees). Keep in 30 seconds, then change your legs and repeat 2 or 3 times. Huong Giang / VietQ

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