The Election Nodded, Mr. Park Has A Summoned Municipal For Aff Cup 2020?

Hanoi FC evaluated Hung Dung to recover well, afford to recruit Vietnam if Coach Park Seo wants to supplement this midfielder for AFF Cup 2020. "Hung Dung has returned to the team. This player can Up focusing with the national team in the future. However, it is necessary to note that the volume increases with the foot of injury and continues according to the lesson. I have prepared ", specialist Kim Kwang-jae - Head of the department Hanoi Medical FC launched a review in the Festival of November 25

. Before that, in early November, VFF had a summoned document of Vietnam to recruit Vietnam to prepare for AFF Cup 2020. However, the team Hanoi's medical examination FC has made advice on relevant relevant units in rushing back can affect the treatment process for midfielder in 1993.The therapist for Hung Dung Encounter You should stay in Hanoi FC, completing the lesson plan by PVF Center and Kim Kwang-Jea specialist
Respecting this recommendation, VFF and the Vietnam Team Training Department have left her dung to stay for more recovery time. The above patience gave Do Hung Dung positive results in the Festival of DAY 25 / 11 Between the health department of Hanoi FC and the doctors are invited. After the Festival, Hung Dung has the same training committee, the medical department met the senior leaders of Hanoi FC to report the situation. After listening to the report, the leader of Hanoi FC married Hung Dung depending on the health of dedication suitable for the team for the general goal of Vietnam football. In addition, the relevant parts of Hanoi club will continue Actively actively coordinate VFF, Vietnam team monitoring health not only Hung Dung that other cases of Hanoi FC are experiencing injuries at different levels of guests such as Dinh Trong, Van Lang ... if Hung Dung was killed Additional episodes, preliminary list of Vietnamese recruitment will have 35 players. Before leaving to Singapore on December 1, Coach Park Hang Seo would have to type 5 players to close the list of the last time.

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