The Electric Car Is Over 1000 Horsepower, Once Charging Running 3 Hours Hanoi – Quang Ninh Has Not Run Out Of Electricity, Accelerating Horrifying Porsche’s Defeat On The Track!

The ability to accelerate makes every supercar to be afraid! 0: 00/2: 20 South of the world's leading electric vehicle, Tesla, recently launched a new version of the 4-door, 5-seat family car of Tesla Model S is Tesla Model S Plaid. Although there are 4 doors, 5 seats and spacious storage compartments, Tesla Model S Plaid has a capacity that causes any supercar to be afraid. With 3 electric motors, the car gives horrifying capacity , up to 1020 horsepower, accelerating 0-96.5km / h in 1.99 seconds, the maximum speed reaches about 322km / h

. Tesla does not publish a specific number of battery capacity, known that the Tesla Model S Plaid can move to 637.3km (according to the estimated US Environmental Protection Agency EPA). To be easily visualized, the distance from Hanoi to Quang Ninh is about 200km long, ie Tesla Model S Plaid can go 3 plays that still have yet shallow the battery
The Tesla Model S Plaid at Nürburgring racetrack. Photo: Carscoops practically, with terrible capacity, Tesla Model S Plaid also holds a few world records. The first is a mass-produced mass that has the fastest acceleration, followed by a mass-produced mass production model of 400m fastest - in 9.247 seconds. Recently, Tesla Model S Plaid continues to break another record that opponent holds. Here few days, Tesla brought his top tram to the famous Nürburgring racecourse in Germany to run. The 20.76km long nürburgring racecourse is famous for the roads that make many uncomfortable racers, and the fact that there are many accidents that occur here do not master the handle. Tesla Model S Plaid break This record is equipped with bizarre Yoke. Screenshot from video of Nürburgring Normal tires and without any other upcomes compared to the trade version, Tesla Model S Plaid has completed this 20
76km race in 7 minutes 30.909 seconds with medium speeds 166km / h. This number broke the record of Porsche Turbo Taycan Turbo, Tesla Model S Plaid becomes a commercial electric car model with completion of a fastest Nürburgring round. However, the number of Tesla Model S Plaid is still as far as far away With car models using internal combustion engines. Commercial vehicle using internal combustion engine has completed the fastest Nürburgring racetrack is the Porsche 911 GT2 RS with 6 minutes 3.30 seconds at an average speed of 185.88km / h.minh Germany

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