The Emperor ‘is Not Afraid Of Heaven, Not Afraid Of Land’ But When Building His Tomb, Most Fear Of Encountering This

Encountered this, every effort and money considered 'Pouring into the river down to the tank'.0.0: 00/2: 44 narrays illustrated. In all of your life, the emperor steep the threshold building Luxurious and discreet graves, simultaneously "decor" many different agencies to prevent grave thieves. Compared to the grave thieves, there is one thing that makes the king more scared when building the mausoleum because it is about to be completed and encountered them, forced to leave

. The tomb of the emperor of the emperor is very large, from the visit Detecting to design has spent a lot of manpower, talent, material and time. However, due to relatively backward exploration technology, it is impossible to avoid accidents. Some accidents can be overcome, while there are cases that can only be resigned
Most must build a maternal mausoleum. What is the mother? . This is a relatively rare limestone, mainly hiding in the groundwater, or in other words: Mother's stone is a stone soaked in a groundwater circuit for thousands of years. If encountered, it means that under this land there is an abundant groundwater source. In the process of building the king's tomb, in addition to choosing feng shui and specifications, it is necessary to avoid groundwater. After all, the Emperor is the emperor's palace after died, who wants his palace to be flooded? So when choosing a place to build a tomb, the king will be very careful and try to avoid Places with groundwater circuits. Meeting Mothers: Breaking the tombs, violating the rest of the ancestor's resting place Although the chance of meeting the mother is very small, the history has a person who has a unfortunate emperor Must be in this case, it is the optical emperor. He spent a lot of money for building the tomb, spending a lot of money. When the Lang was built halfway, Hieu Item into the queen died and the Emperor of the Quang Quang ordered her in the tomb was built. Build half
However, shortly after the lounge was bounced by a stream of groundwater, even the queen's coffin couldn't bring it out. When the Emperor Dao Quang came to the scene, he found that not only water accumulating In the thresh, some places collapsed. So, though I don't want this, this tomb still has to leave. The scene in the short term, causing him to be angry and quickly appeal to him to check if something happened. The result of the investigation was a worker who found the mother stone from the beginning but filled with licks and did not declare newspaper. Then two princes were supervising the fear of hooked up, so after training his mother, they had hidden. Finally, the two princes were severely punished and lost, who was responsible for building the tomb were executed. The middle, even though she kicked the small mother, there was the power that caused the rule to tremble . The old emperors are also very superstitious, if this type of stone is like a black trading, can affect the peace of the people. Thuy Anh / Fatherland newspaper

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