The Emperor Of The Emperor More Than 40 Years Does Not Love With Phi Qinh

There was an emperor since the throne of more than 40 years was not afraid of affordable, alienation of sharpness to take care of the water, unfortunately died extremely disastrous 9: 00/3: 48 South people It is Luong Vu De (464 - 549), the Emperor of the United States of North-North Tide in China's history. According to historians, the time he ruled was one of the most stable stages and The most prosperous of Nam Trieu.With the value of more than 40 years and the 85-year-old longevity, he is the emperor of China's second high life after the bar of the bar (88 years old). in the period Title for Luong Vu De is assessed as a proven military, extremely maniculous and saved, loving people like children, slipping to take care of water, even welcome and encourage the Seven gods to show other opinions Special with me. The first period because of Luong Vu De was assessed as the peak period of Trieu Luong

.Luong Vu De saw Tong-essence because of mutual slaughtering in the royal family but was destroyed so it was very tolerant before sin of the members of the royal family, as well as of the gods that he saw had contributed to the resolvency. When a member of the royal family committed, Luong Vu De only used the words to advise it without sanctioning. Term, Lam Xuyen Vuong Ngan Hoanh is a very greedy person, to enjoy property, in the king There are several dozen warehouses, some people doubt that there are weapons, so I have allegedly with Luong Vu De that the diaphragm will keep the weapon to contribute to the opponent
Populum became scared, causing Vu De's salary to add doubts. Luong Vu De immediately lowered the order to open all the examinations, discovered in more than 30 stores filled with the dong, in addition to a lot of fabrics, silk, silk, cotton and other things but no weapons. Seeing that, Luong Vu De did not blame the crime, but also believed that the diaphragm disease did not mean to react to the more it trusted. However, it was this infinite tolerance attitude of Luong Vu Luong later that made the court Fuck, also brought to close to him later. Before making a karma, the young man, Luong Vu De married Si Huy, daughter of Si Diep and the princess of the princess and had 3 children. In addition to the main, Luong Vu De also has nearly 10 days. He has a total of 14 children, 8 boys, 6 girls.Theo kknews, but extremely unexpected and confusing is, since becoming the Emperor, over 40 years of reigning, Luong Vu De immediately Africa with business, non-frequency. He was fully spreadshayed, not touching any woman until he died, even asked men throughout the country to learn himself. So Sao Luong Vu De did so? According to Sohu, it is relaxed, the reason Luong Vu De shun sharpness is because he met a person claiming to be the "Master of Taoism"
This person was supposed to show this emperor a lot of ways to rule water as well as how to deal with people and advised him to shout. Luong Vu De has listened to this commandment of this "teacher teacher". However, there is also speculation that Luong Vu De has a physiological problem so soon shun for women to increase the life of life. At the beginning of the rule, Luong Vu De was very hard to take care of the water, strictly corrected some bad images in the court, but the unfortunate thing was that the emperor was so frused of Buddhism. , even many times in the temple as a temple. In total, Luong Vu De was 4 times in the Master, the member of the salary house had to export 40 million money to redeem the body for this emperor. This plus the Luong Vu De very hard to build a temple, worshiping the bed for the temple and monks who have significantly withdraw the national cursor of the wage house. The end of the end of Luong Vu De, excessive tolerance His for many years was dynasty, the drankor was abundant. Luong Vu Bao again 5 times 7 times to carry with these people, which includes antisepressant generals - a multi-minded and ambitious person. Scenes after having enough wing feathers to detention Do not feed, eventually make this emperor to starve. According to Phuong Dung / Danviet

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