The Ending Of Online Love Stories In Ho Chi Minh City

Thanh Mai finally had the first appointment with the guy she acquainted through the Dating App. Both carry each other on a motorbike, watching the city after normal new normal. Entertainment, dating apps are considered "fertile land" for lonely young people to find each other. Especially during the way of stretching, many people tried to "swipe right", "Links" to find the appropriate object, or simply have people chatting for sadness. When Ho Chi Minh City moved to the jar Often new, couples do not need to delay that was able to seek to meet and dating

. Zing Already talking to 4 "people in the" to listen to the end of this online love affairs. Disease, vaccination, we learn about the preferences, the opponent's work. Unexpectedly that my friend who I used to Tinder was the first to inform me about the open city
That day, we had a real inner meeting. Mai Mai had the first date after 4 months of distance. Photo: NVCC. Because there is no car, I get your friend through the house in District 7 before going out. We bought coffee at a small shop and walked around the roads. I felt myself "flooding" after a long time without dating. Most of the time, both silent, watching the street city. It's completely different with previous appointments that I've ever had. This is, meeting this friend is an interesting experience. Instead of planning dinner, drinking coffee or watching movies as usual, we can enjoy the airy air and the life rhythm of the new normal day
About the house, I and the other friend is still texting, keep contact. I planned in the coming time, only focusing on work so it has not yet rushed forward to a long-term love relationship. Khanh (27 years old, Tan Phu district) ago, I used to hear friends at least: " Find true love on app dating like finding 'ma'. Heard much but never in turn ". After breaking up with the 2-year love in front of the translation, I reloaded the dating app with the purpose like many others to find people talking to less. Not a few times, I surfed in hopelessness because I didn't earn anyone right, until I met the bar - you level 3.In unconsciously, I "drop the heart" the picture of the bar. Starting from a greeting, I and her every day and every day and night. To say, we lost contact for nearly 10 years. If not for this App, both probably will no longer remember each other's presence. There are many people who think I love too fast. The old love has just walked, love comes. But it is really difficult to describe. You will not always meet the person who makes himself vibrating. The city announces Directive 18 to travel, we meet each other. I felt so lucky because there was no shyness, I was shy. In contrast, I was comfortable with Thanh.Minh Phu (28 years old, District 3) Minh Phu was learning a female friend through the dating app. Photo: NVCC. With experience using dating apps for more than a year, I prioritize talking to accounts for real information, clear photos. If the person attaches a link to another social network account like Facebook, Instagram, ... the better. Normally, I actively appoint the opponent to meet a week. The cafe in modern style, not too crowded will be ideal for the first time dating. But the disease time, everything changes. The most recent time, I chat with a girlfriend less than 1 year old. Due to the same industry, both of them have common points. I am very anxious to wait for the day to meet her in real life. But this friend is stuck in the countryside still has not yet reached the city. However, we have available plans when the epidemic will meet. Recent years, most young children like me use dating apps. I think people don't too much problem. Please see this as a way to clear the spirit and make a friend, meet your love or not depends on the department. Tran Long (30 years old, Thu Duc City) stretches the way of stretching society, causing me to collect in the house . In addition to work, I hardly earned people to chat to go to the app to make friends. Every month, I put money to buy a paid package of Tinder. The reason I do it because it allows users to look at the list of accounts that are interested in their profiles. History of 50 people "lighs right", I will talk to 1-2 people. Conversation conversations throughout the day's chain of home with repeating themes that make me depressed. On the new normal period, I was going to meet my friends. The day of running, gathering gym, the day to buy clothes home, ... I no longer feeling lonely. Maybe so I limited to the dating app. I think your online friends also feel the same. Sparse chat lines are gradually disappearing. We don't have too many connections to keep each other. In essence, I like to interact directly. You read in Ho Chi Minh City Have the story you want to share or the problem you need to reflect can send information about mail box

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