The Entire 5 Permanent Members Reached The Agreement On Afghanistan

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said that, in the meeting on September 22, all 5 permanent members of the Secret Council wanted 'a peaceful Afghanistan and stable, where humanitarian aid can be distributed without meeting malfunctioning or distinguished 'Country Council of the United Nations Security Council (UN Security Council) finally found common points in Afghanistan. UN Secretary Antonio Guterres. Source: Reuterism, responding to the press after the Foreign Ministers Meeting of 5 Councils of the Council in the framework of the Vietnam General Meeting of the General Assembly (DG), UN Secretary-General Antonio Guuterres said, the entire 5 members Permanent Council wishes a peaceful and stable Afghanistan. Standing countries Councils of the Council want to see "A Afghanistan, where women and girls are respected, an Afghanistan is not a refuge of theism Terrorism, an Afghanistan with the government involved in the entire civil component ". Regarding the movement, earlier a day, the Taliban proposed to speak at the general meeting of the high-level week The UN Board of Lock 76 is taking place in New York (USA)

. At the same time, Mr. Ghulam Isaczai's mission - Representing the government of President Ashraf Ghani at the UN "It has ended and he will no longer represent Afghanistan". However, in reversions, United States - Capital is one of 9 members of the Certification Committee of Representatives of countries in the UN - claiming, which committee will not make decisions before this meeting ends on 27 / 9 Go
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