The European Commission Proposes The Validity Period For The Vaccination Certificate

According to the proposal of the European Commissioner in charge of judicial, any EU people with a certification of completion of Covid-19 prevention vaccination within 9 months can travel freely in the EU, regardless of where. Covid-19's projection and certificate issued by the European Union, in Brussels, Belgium on June 16, 2021. (Photo: AFP / TTXVN) The European Commission on November 25 has proposed Covid-19 Prevent-19 vaccination certification to take effect within 9 months after the secondary injection. Certificate of vaccination against Covid-19 Citizenship of European Union Member States (EU) Free travel in the block. According to the VNA reporter in Brussels, the European Commissioner in charge of Judicial Didier Reynders has announced the proposal, stating it clearly For the 9-month term, the certification will no longer be valid without a boosted vaccine injecting

. The upper time is given in accordance with the guidance of the Disease Control and Prevention Center (ECDC) on 6 months After the 2nd and 3-month injections for countries to adjust the vaccination campaign. According to the European Commission, the validity period for Covid-19 vaccination certificate will ensure a coordinated approach Commuter activities in the block. Member countries need to apply immediately all necessary measures to ensure access to vaccines for those with a master injection certificate NG is about to 9 months
This means that the current regulations on travel will be transferred from a region-based approach to an approach based on each person's vaccination. Anyone who has a complete certification Vaccine vaccination prevents Covid-19 within 9 months can freely travel in the EU, regardless of where to come from. European Board hope this proposal will soon be approved by the EU Council and takes effect from the month. 1/2022 to create favorable conditions for free and safe travel in EU./.Huong Giang-Duy Tung (VNA / Vietnam)

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