The Experts Group Becomes A Svs Speaker Brand Distributor In Vietnam

The Experts Group officially became the exclusive distributor of SVS speaker brand in Vietnam with marketing responsibilities and support for brands, including distribution channels, direct sales and online sales platforms .0: 00/1: 26 Nanong Nanong Henry Loh, the Sales Manager of The Experts Group also shared, "We are happy to this new cooperation and thank you for the trust of SVS for us ( The Experts Group) to put their businesses in the region to new heights ".SVS is a company specializing in high-performance home audio products, manufacturing and distributing speakers, subwoofer through online channels. The brand was founded in 1998 from the passion of sound science combined with a breakthrough market access strategy. Currently SVS is based in Youngstown, Ohio, United States and is led by the Chairman And CEO Gary Yacoubian

. From the audio field, SVS challenges the status of subwoofers and "high-end" speakers being sold v The price is too high, and towards arousing everyone's desire for honesty by bringing passion, joy and professional science to each coordination. SVS products reflect the combination of Technology, engineering, comprehensive testing in the actual use conditions, and the most important is the constant passion of SVS for excellent sound quality. Subwoofer SVS is highly appreciated for good movement, sharp details, with the ability to expand the impressive low frequency and always optimize the price level compared to demonstration efficiency
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