The Face Of Hundreds Of Billions Of Hypercars Is About To Come To Vietnam: There Is A Long-term “non-glass” Supercar And A Long-term Duo

Hypercars are about to come to Vietnam in the end of the year will include super-caress supercar faith, from brands like Ferrari, McLaren, Koenigsegg ... continueing the first 6 months, supercar segment at Vietnam continues to be active at the remaining stage of 2021. From now until the end of the year, it is likely that the new series of hypercar will be brought to Vietnam, most are the first super products present at the S-shaped land strip

. The most notable is the 3 rare hypercar of the world, priced at no less than 100 billion if fully paying a fee in Vietnam.Mclaren Senna in August, a supercar businessman in Ho Chi Minh City. HCM has posted the image of McLaren Senna which is said to be in containers about Vietnam
If so, McLaren's Hypercar will be available in Vietnam for about 1-2 months. If there is nothing to change, this is the second McLaren Senna present in Vietnam. This Senna does not own special paint colors like the first but still stand out in the exterior. Originally, the car is white but isolated on a similar stamp of Ayrton Senna's F1 racing car with white tone - red. Besides, the Senna also comes with green, blue and yellow - 3 colors On the Brazilian flath, the hometown of Ayrton Senna. This Senna is noticed by the golden engine insulation option worth $ 30,000 due to MSO. "The heart" of McLaren Senna is a dual turbocharged engine V8 4.0L, producing a capacity of 789 horsepower and 800 Nm torque. Comes with a dual-clutch 7-speed gearbox, Senna can accelerate 0-100 km / h in 2.8 seconds before reaching a maximum speed of 335 km / h
If fully packed in Vietnam, this Senna is priced at no less than 45 billion dong.Kenigsegg Regeral is a "hunting" with a super car, Hoang Kim Khanh is about to bring to Vietnam Koenigsegg Regera, after These products like Ferrari 488 Pista Spider or McLaren Senna. This rumor spread in Vietnam from mid-August British Long Tran also confirmed that the aesthetic giants bought this super product. Eye in 2015, Koenigsegg Regera is AGERA's successor model. Notably, Koenigsegg Regera does not use traditional gearboxes. Instead, Swedish supercar uses a direct transmission mechanism KDD (Ksenigsegg Direct-Drive) to save energy. This gearbox helps the car to operate well in pure electricity. Granting the power for Koenigsegg Regera is a 5.0L V8 dual turbocharged engine, producing a maximum capacity of 1,100 horsepower. Three electric motors produce 700 horsepower. When combined, 2 types of engines give a total capacity of about 1,500 horsepower, accelerating 0-100 km / h in 2.8 seconds. At the time of launch, Koenigsegg only produces 80 regera for $ 2 million . Currently, a Regera on the old car market costs up to 4 million USD. If the white number plate in Vietnam, the price of this supercar will exceed the VND 200 billion. McLaren Elvasau The second Senna Vietnam, who specializes in trading in imported cars in Ho Chi Minh City Continuing to open the supercar "No business" McLaren Elva. According to this person, the Elva is on the way to transport Vietnam.Reva's eyes in 2020, Elva is a model of McLaren's Hypercar series, next to P1, Senna and Speedtail. Inspired by McLaren-Elva M1A in the 1960s, Elva also had Speedster style (no windshield). The Elva was about to be in Vietnam with fuzzy gray paint with contrasting orange lines. Bring the racing car, Elva's interior compartment is quite simple with steering wheel, clock, central screen and numerical switch buttons.McLaren equipped for Elva 3.0L dual turbocharged V8 moder from Senna , for 810 horsepower capacity and 800 nm torque. The car can accelerate from 0 km / h to 100 km / h in less than 3 seconds. At the time of launch, it is expected that 399 Elva is produced for $ 1.69 million. After returning to Vietnam, this "non-glass" supercar costs about VND 100 billion.Ferrari Laferrari is most expected in the past years is the Ferrari Laferrari supercar. A few years ago, this supercar was opened by an importer in Hanoi in Hanoi but then lost suck. Recently, rumors about this supercar appeared again but this time was in Ho Chi Minh City. According to some information, the owner of this Hypercar was a female entrepreneur in Saigon. This 9x businessman is quite popular in recent times when owning a series of expensive supercars like McLaren 765LT, Ferrari SF90 Stradale, Lamborghini Aventador SVJ, Ferrari F8 Spider ... Launched in 2013, Laferrari is Ferrari's first hybrid supercar . Built on the FXX platform, Laferrari has a strange unique design but not too extreme. The strength of Laferrari comes from the 6.3L V12 engine block, producing a capacity of 788 horsepower and a 161-horsepower electric motor. When combined, this hybrid engine system generates a total capacity of up to 949 horsepower. With 499 units produced, Laferrari costs more than 1 million USD at the time of launch, however, this supercar increases gradually Time and so far, a used Laferrari costing nearly 4 million USD. Therefore, if available in Vietnam, the price of Laferrari will not be lower than the number 2

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