The Famous Ma Town Of Turkey All The Gorgeous Broadband Castles As In Fairy Tales

Burj Al Babas, one of the largest ghost towns in the world with hundreds of unfinished villas of Turkey.0: 00/2: 24 Nouburj Al Babas is a urban area including hundreds of villas Building in Disney castle style is abandoned in Turkey.Burj Al Babas with hundreds of breeding castle buildings in fairy tales, calculated to become a bustling resort for super rich world About. The villas inspired by Disney castles, scattered in picturesque valleys, near Mudurnu historic village, in Northwest Turkey. However, to Today, Burj Al Babas suffered abandoned, becoming one of the largest ghost towns in the world with hundreds of unfinished villas, the rest was degraded

. The story of the ambition is too big, the real estate price pushed up the sky And the end of the economy finally marked the end of the dream of Burj Al Babas. Turkey's famous ghost town of all the gorgeous broadband castles as in the unique castle village in Tho Nearby is the spirit of the Yerdelen brothers, the operator of Sarot Property Group Construction Company. Their goal is to attract people who buy rich people from the Middle East because many people like to vacation in Turkey with cool Mediterranean climate, beautiful surroundings and prices of villas suitable for bags Their huge money
In the first place, each unit priced 400,000 to 500,000 USD (equivalent to about 9.2 to 11.5 billion), Yerdelen sold about half of the 700 units before everything collapsed. The first is that oil prices fell sharply, affecting target buyers and then a series of events pushed the Turkish economy into the upside-down swirls but could not recover. Everyone who heard it was attracted. Building houses are famous for its excellent natural hot springs. Each villa in Burj Al Babas has a floor heating and jacuzzi as well as an indoor pool. A giant shopping center has a beautiful design inspired by electric Capitol, USA. The gardens and ponds are carefully cared for a lot of poetry as in fairy tales. The construction begins in 2014, the labor force more than 2,500 people and everything takes place quite quickly
But then sales decreased, Turkish Lira collapsed, Yerdelen could not pay the company's loans and the suspension construction. By 2019, Burj Al Arab was completed more than half and everything hadn't evolved much since then. Because of the remarkable bustle of wealthy entrepreneurs from the Gulf, Burj Al Babas is currently one Points attract curious tourists interested in Ma.Hoang Dung town (translation)

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