The Famous Swiss Website Is Attacked In Ransom

According to VTXVN reporters in Geneva, - Switzerland's popular price comparison site has been closed due to malignant network attack with the requirement to pay for hackers $ 400,000 (370,000 CHF) money Electronics. Illustration: EPA / TTXVNTrang, attracts about 80 million hits per year, used by consumers to compare prices of transactions such as insurance and mortgage. The attack began on July 7 and on July 8, the site had to close

. In a statement, the coaching company of Comparis indicates that they can soon put the web to work back without any customer data violated. According to the comparis spokesman, the company will not Meet the ransom payment requirements of hackers. The identity or location of the network attacker is not known and asks for ransoms with a transplanted URL in a safe area of the information technology system
The attacking code attacks (Ransomware) appears As more frequent and achieved bigger success worldwide. The famous black extortation attacks are also causing a stir, such as when thousands of companies around the world, including a supermarket chain in Sweden, paralyzed by recent attacks Aimed at the US Kaseya Information Technology Service Provider. The US Colonial Pipeline Petroleum Company has been attacked in May last and pays ransom with Bitcoin electronic money to get back supplies online , although the Federal Investigation Department (FBI) said it has recalled most electronic money has been paid. Front, JBS company of Brazil, the world's largest meat processor has a wide range of operations. in many countries like the US, Australia, Canada, Europe, Mexico, New Zealand ..., have faced a large operating disruption before paying ransom for hackers. In Switzerland, sugar company Iron Stadler was attacked last year and confidentiality data was publicized because refusing to pay ransoms. Buchy, the Swiss Federal Energy Office announced a report C coughing some power supply companies are still vulnerable to network attacks, despite the effort to strengthen the information technology defense
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