The Fate Of ‘thousand Pirns Hanging Hair’ Of The Lgbtq Community In Afghanistan Under The Taliban

The LGBTQ community in Afghanistan still has to be secretly existed but under the Taliban, they may even have no space to survive. On the afternoon of August 26, the 20-year-old student student Rabia Balhki (Nhan name The changed object) is trying to escape the crowd at Kabul airport. Nearby, the Taliban gunmen sometimes shot some shots only. In the extreme panic, the Afghan people are running away from this country in all directions, making Rabia more and more difficult to reach the yard fly. Rabia shared with DW that she desperately flee Afghanistan as a lesbian

. Illustration: AP with Taliban, the presence of the LGBTQ community (short for lesbians, male coagulation, mature , transgender and gender diversity or people who are still in the phase of learning about themselves - nd) are unacceptable. After crossing all barriers, Rabia finally reached the gate to the airport but a Taliban gunman guarded there refused to let her go. Rabia has no choice but turns and leaves
An hour later, a suicide bombing had happened and one of Rabia's relatives killed in this attack.rabia escaped the explosion on but she didn't know if I could survive under the search Taliban's Taliban. "Taliban thought we were those who left in this society. They want to eliminate us," Rabia shared. There is no space for the LGBTQ community LGBTQ community in Afghanistan still has to exist The secret way by their orientation is considered unethical and contrary to the remote in this country. If detected is a gay or female person, he or she may be sentenced to life imprisonment in accordance with 2017 and under Sharia law, or Islamic law, they can face the death penalty. Operating for the LGBTQ Ilga-World community, the old Afghan government does not condemn death with homosexual people since 2001 but the Taliban can handle this issue in another way. In a country controlled by the Taliban as Afghanistan, Almost no space for LGBTQs. In an interview with the German Bild page in July, Gul Rahim, a Taliban judge in a province in Afghanistan said: "With gay people, Only 2 penalties: either stoned, or that person will be about 2.5-3 meters highly poured by a wall
"Threat of the day after the Taliban entered Kabul, a male gay 25 Age - Faraz (the character's name has been changed) has heard the news about the death of a gay friend. He was not sure if his friend received it. All you know is that the Taliban is very tougher with gay people and he can face the same fate. "He was caught by the Taliban after the complaints of some other people. Taliban brought him That's somewhere, killing him and bringing his body back to the family, "Faraz shared with DW." In the Taliban force there was a group specializing in healing gay people. They go from the street Hey to another street and when someone discovered someone was gay, they did not hesitate to kill them ".Nemat Sadat, an Afghan American, and a social activist for the LGBTQ community said : "The Taliban said they would be pardon to journalists and people who helped Western governments, as well as allow women to continue to go to school. People are still skeptical about the Taliban but at least they have brought Out of a commitment. But with the LGBTQ community, the Taliban didn't even bother to pretend to make a promise ". In the past two decades, Afghanistan has achieved some progress in Vietnam. c Accepting the LGBTQ community, human rights activists said. They have been involved in areas such as mass media, supporting production programs and organizing young generation educational programs on many topics. "People say Afghanistan does not change but I Do not agree with that. People in the LGBTQ community have made efforts in changing the Afghan social ", Sadat said. However, today, under Taliban people in the LGBTCQ community have stopped meetings For those who know about them. "I don't have a lot of contact with others nor do anyone to share," Faraz said Rabia, she only left home only 2 times in the past 3 weeks, once Arriving at the airport and the rest is to the bank to withdraw money. Arabia is afraid of meeting the Taliban members on the road. She also fears if this force knows something about her, they will watch her. "I Feeling very bored at home. But I can only read some books so I don't feel upset, "Rabia shared ./. Kieu Anh / (translation) Follow: DW

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