The ‘feathers’ Threatened A Series Of Barbers Causing Tiktok: The Truth Behind Was Exposed

While many people are extremely horrified by the image of the hair growing from the barber's finger, the secret, the secret curtain has been involved, exposed to the truth. The Tiktok Society shows the video to shoot close Hair out from the fingers of a barber. The Tiktoker argues that this is a "hairy chemistry", only the barber people understand well. Hairdressers for many years of experience in the judgment have never encountered this case, only hair falls into the toe Hands, can easily clean it easily. Tiktok's Video Recommendation talks about the "hairy chemistry" is just a deception, the view, people should not believe and fear

. Hair causing Tiktok, doing a haircut is going to understand? Recently, the Tiktok social network is a shaken phen when appearing a clip shot close to a short hair from the finger of a barber. These feathers look like short-sleeved hair. Only thing, not hair cut for guests sticking to the barber
Here, each feather is deep into the skin and must use the princess, to get out of this strange hair. "Further" only a hairdresser understands? A sexy curiosity, many people learn the title and comment of the Tiktoker looking forward to finding a valid answer. However, the title "must be hairyless?" Learn that the real damage becomes blind. Such commenting has made people doubtful, probably doing a hairdresser, having to cut hair many people will have a "hairy chemistry"? What disease is that? What scary? Why never heard it before ... The comment series made people doubtful, probably doing a barber, having to cut a lot of hair, they will have a "hairy chemistry". Tiktok video "Fur hair" When making a barber is just a donkey, the viewing a haircut has been a dozen-year haircuts in the profession to clear the reality, Mr. Nguyen Duong (Hairdresser at Nguyen Chanh Street, Trung Hoa, Cau Giay ) Intention, when cutting hair to customers, there may be childish hair sticking to the hand, interstit of the barber's fingers, but no hair is so deep that it must use the force to push out like a shared video. "Overall only the hair is plugged in his hand, there is no" hairy "like a reflective video," Mr
Duong affirmed. On. In the study of ancient-ancient medicine, there was never any cases of "hairy chemistry" but only a haircut workers understand.Bs multiply Nguyen X Quang Quang (Military Medical Academy) affirmed that Video Tiktok is sentenced to view, propagating things that are not true to be psychologist for viewers. Until now no disease is "hairy" dedicated to barbers like video reflection.Bs optical also said that it is very likely to cut hair, especially male hair cutting, hair cut often There are short fibers, capable of plugging into the fingers. With longer hairs, it cannot be plugged in such a fingers. Also plugged into the inside deep inside is unable to occur. Very possible when cutting hair, especially male hair cutting, cut hair often have short fibers, capable of plugging in the fingers. Experts recommend, people should not believe in videos with the same content. This clip is only intended to hit the curiosity, curiosity of viewers, absolutely no value, what does it mean. Not to mention, the image of the whole haired hair comes out of his fingers after making a shifting, causing people to relate to the bizarre and magical things like in horror movies. In general, video is a view sentence, completely not transmitting meaningful information such as Tiktoker talks about a certain disease.

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