The Female Actress Of The Street In The Village Stands Together A Frame, Causing The Most Attention To Not The Main Female Nor Do She Sell The Fan

Can see the female actress in the village in the village full of new faces, bringing youthful breath to the movie. HERE, MXH share the photo of the female actor in the village together in a frame . Audience easily recognizes familiar faces like Ngoc Anh (Pham Ngoc Anh), she sells Thanh Hai fans (Minh Thu), Hoai (Tran Van), Thuong (Le Quyen) ..

. However, characters The most attention is a role of a low-cost role, which is the girl who plays the old girlfriend's girlfriend in the movie. Jeans and white clothes are simple but this actress occupies Spotlight Because of the beautiful appearance, standard shape. Known this role shown by actress Dao Thuy Huong Nhu
Dao Thuy Huong.The Huong Buong in 1999, once a valedictorian of Hanoi Cinema Theater in 2017. Currently Thuy Huong is the last year student But her acting in the town in the village showed that the actress was quite potential to bring a rather natural expression. In particular, she also impressed the viewer by a beautiful face, elongation. Beautiful real life image of Thuy Huong.Theo Thien Thanh / Fatherland newspaper

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