The Female Model Was Vulgarily Flirted By Strangers In Gym In The Us

Although Avrey Ovard is recording, the elderly man still wants to flirt with her and replied in an unprecedented way when he was rejected. The job was shared by Avrey Ovard (19 years old) on the day personal video channel August 15. Female model lives in Utah, USA expressing uncomfortable and calling for men "Don't bother women" when in the gym, according to Independent.Theo video, Avrey is exercising alone at the corner of the gym and Record again. After that, a man about 40 years old approached, asking about her filming

. Because of politely, the 19-year-old girl replied and confirmed. About 5 minutes later, this person came back, motioned for Avrey to remove his headphones and began to ask her name, and said it was physical therapist. Older man flirting Avrey in Gym
Photo cut from the clip. "When I went out and turned around, she would not be here anymore. I want to have her phone number ... for dinner," the man said. Before the offer, Avrey replied: "Sorry, maybe I'm too young compared to you". Falling for the meaning of accepting the rejection, the man responded: "Oh so what, and I'm so rich." The dexterity of the man, the 19-year-old model was uncomfortable but smiled wryly and continued training. Currently, the clip records Avrey's incident that received more than 2 million views
"Why can't men accept the rejection?", "The way he immediately responded to see him so young , Any polite "," even though you know you're filming that he still dares to say so "is the comments of the people about the incident. Lavrey is a model with many tracks online. Photo: @ Avryovard.avrey Ovard is model, influencer has more than 650,000 followers. She also had a boyfriend. Sharing on the personal page, Avrey said she was surprised by the man's words in the incident. "He was too old, I didn't know why he approached me again. I have never been canopy Province, disturbing or harassing in the Gym before, but also heard many girls talk about this and now it happens to me. Please don't bother women in places like gyms. "

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