The Female Prime Minister Has Just Been Resigned In Sweden Re-elected

After resigning in less than 12 hours in the first round on November 24, Magdalena Andersson continued to be elected to Sweden Prime Minister Date 29/11.02: 00/1: 13 South Vietnam only in less than a week The Swedish Association for the second time elected Ms. Magdalena Andersson - Chairman of the Social Democratic Party - Making a new Prime Minister on November 29. Ban Andersson will now have to establish a minority government but only the Democratic Party Society. This party only holds 100 seats in the National Assembly with 349 seats and will have to rely on the support of some other parties to enforce policies, according to Reuters

. Andersson's next step is to announce the cabinet, expected to act Out on November Magdalena Andersson during the press conference after becoming Sweden's first female prime minister. Photo: AFP
After that, she and her new cabinet will attend a meeting called "Skifteskonselj" - the meeting on government cabinet changes with the Swedish king at the Royal Palace. When the official power transfer takes place. Later, her new government will take over his mission, according to Local. Before, Mrs. Andersson on November 24 became Sweden's first female prime minister for 100 years from the first election of women participated in vote. However, after less than 12 hours, the female prime minister declared his resignation collapsed by her alliance, according to Guardian. Magdalena Andersson was born in 1967 and joined the Youth Union of the Swedish Social Democratic Party from high school. After Mr. Stefan Lofven became Prime Minister Sweden in 2014, she was nominated to hold the Finance Minister.

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