The Final British-italy: The Two Coaches Are Cautious And Respectful Of The Opponent

Coach Gareth Southgate said that Italian team players are having excellent form and they have great defensive warriors, which will be a 'big barrier' for England 9: 00/1 : 35Nam domain Gareth Southgate coach excited after the students win the match against Croatia on Wembley Stadium in London, England, on June 13, 2021. (Photo: AFP / TTXVN) Coach Gareth Southgate praised the first end of the British Euro finals, but also warned their upcoming opponents in the finals - Italy - will As a "big barrier." Speaking to the press after the Danish team, Southgate coach said: "We have to enjoy the fact that we have entered the final, but there is a barrier Large before the eye must pass. Italy is a very good team. I have seen that over the past few years

. They are in excellent form and amazing defensive warriors. That will be a match worth expected. We need to win the final
We have to gather and prepare attentively. We need to recover after the semi-final match. We have spent a lot of energy and emotions. Italy too, but they have one more day to recover. "Harry Kane's goal in 11m in the second half of the 8/7 match brought about the 2-1 victory for England. Tam Mu "was led by Denmark after Damsgaard's excellent free kick. The white shirt team was upstream and Southgate coach was very proud of the performance of the students. Southgate trainers shared: "I am very proud of the players. It's great to be part of history with them. We have anticipated that the match against Denmark will not be simple
We told the players that they had to show resilience and we did it. "The British team's upcoming opponent in the Euro 2020 final was Italy. Before this match, coach Roberto Mancini showed cautiously before the England team. "The England team had individuals that could shine and become the hero of the match. They have bridges It is extremely dangerous when in the opponent's pitch. Their crashes or stress are also very quality. Even so, we want to bring it to Italy a night with a great match "./. Trung Pham (VNA / Vietnam)

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