The Final Image Of The Artist Tons Of Force Before The Age Of 31 Because Of Covid

Many Vietnamese artists simultaneously shared shared things that regret the artist, director Nguyen Tan Luc.0: 00/2: 18 namng namuan, director Nguyen Tan Luc died at 16:00 on September 13 at the disease Base Cancer Institute 2 (HCMC) After a short time of treatment of Covid-19. The parents of the director born in 1990 lost early when he was 10 years old. He has a brother but is going to be isolated in Binh Duong. Director Nguyen Tan Luc

.Nam directed Covid-19 in mid-August, hospitalized for treatment at the Panic Hospital in Ho Chi Minh City. Because the disease changes rapidly in the bad direction, the treatment is difficult, so he was transferred to the Base Cancer Hospital 2 and died here. When you know, many Vietnamese artists like Cao Thai Ha, Hai Bang, Le Giang, Bach Cong Khanh has shared a sharing of rebuarity to director Nguyen Tan Luc and Family
Thai Ha wrote: "We always think I have a lot of time until I realize the last greeting The same is impossible. Goodbye and in that place peacefully ". Bach Cong Khanh Khanh said:" Too cruel and Covid! Really don't believe in the truth, he is safe. great Family day I came to remember you! ". Actor Ha Huong was painful:" The movie has not been able to go to the waves, but the two of you have hurried out. Force (Mr. Hong and the deputy director of the underground film plan) ". On the Personal Personal Plan, Nam Director often posted a food picture in the time of stretching at home and chatting happily with friends apart Work. In mid-August, the director Nguyen Tan Luc shared the image of his vaccination with the people in his residential area to prevent Covid.pretted, in June, he has fun sharing pictures A brother cut her hair during a way of stretching
He often shared images that work with colleagues and expect the time to expand how to return to normal work. The director of Nguyen Tan Luc participated in some movie projects which stand out Especially the Series sister detective, the sea of his hometown ... Also, he also plays some dramas, short films. In the time of social interpretation, the audience and fans have received a lot of information Health of artists when Covid-19. Some people have tried to win sickness but many audiences and fans are sorry, unfortunately seriously some people have left as a collection of collection, Bach Mai artist, Kim Phuong, Lam Buu Sang, music Si Thanh Dung, Loyal Artist Sago, Khuat Khai Hoan, Singer Phi Hai, 'Stage Ballet' Xuan Hoa.n.n

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