The Fire Saw The Car Lost, The Girl Finally Found At The Car Repair Shop For The Reasons Of Falling Back

Both girls and uncles in the story are given by Phen Vua.0: 00/1: 40 Namkhi domain lost items, especially high-value assets, they will surely think of the worst situation It is a loss of "hack". However, the situation below was completely opposite. The story was posted by the girl to a social network with a series of photos with an impressive annotation. Accordingly, the girl is the owner of a white sh, 2019

. That day, she came to a store, built on the sidewalk as usual. A moment later, when she got out of the store, she was new to the fire because his car was "winged but flying", only the car was the same but the 2020 life was built. However, the reality is not like So, this expensive shake of the girl turned out not to be "hacked" lose but due to a mistaken man
It is worth mentioning in that, when pressing the lock is not up, this man also thought the car was broken. At the same time, he took the bigger the car and heavily heavy to the center for repair and maintenance. Here, just discovered the car, he immediately returned to the original parking place. Meet the girl missed by car, double exchanging and misleading sides in fun. The clip on after shared has collected more than 2 million views, many people leave commenting Less times are like that. This young girl is also lucky because it's just losing the car, but later, it is probably more careful. "He suddenly suddenly had a chance to try strength, take the big car , I'm still fine. "" And the girl gets a heart to try his heart. The heart rate is firm up and down to play a strong feeling. "" Although reading it but read it again and still feels funny
"" There are two cars next to each other but I don't think about the wrong car, I don't bother to watch the number plate, Dinh Ninh my car is broken. "After seeing the two cars standing side by side, it must look at the number before Newly. "Cersei (PT021092)

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