The First American Astronaut On The Universe

60 years after Alan Shepard's astronaut became the first American to fly into the universe, his daughter Laura Shepard Churchley (photo) will be one of 6 people present on the upcoming flight into the company's universe Blue Origin. In particular, the missile takes Churchley to the universe that will be named after her father, New Shepard.0: 00/0: 47 NAMBLUE ORIGIN flight announcement will take place on December 9, stemming from the muscle The company's launch in the west of Texas (USA) and will last for about 10 minutes (total time to the internationally recognized space boundary and return to Earth). Churchley and Michael Strahan, who conducted TV show "Good morning America" are guests who participate in the flight and are free to fly. The remaining four are the customers paying for the flight, including the CEO in the cosmic industry, and the Dylan Taylor charity; Evan Dick investor; Founder of Investment Firm Bess Ventures, Lane Bess and Son Cameron Bess

. Notice that the missile used to conduct the flight mentioned above is a low orbit of New Orbit named New Shepard to honor Alan Shepard.alan Shepard astronaut to make a flight to the universe Last 15 minutes on May 5, 1961, ie nearly a month (23 days) after the former Soviet Union Yuri Gagarin astronaut flew into the universe. He was the fifth person in 12 people who set foot on the moon
This will be the flight to the latest Blue Origin's latest commercial universe. Joining previous flights, in addition to the Boss Blue Origin, Jeff Bezos billionaire also has a number of famous characters.

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