The First Country Spoke Up The Application Of Taiwan’s Cptpp

Japanese Foreign Minister welcomed Taiwan wanting to join the CPTPP Agreement, and affirmed that the island was an important partner of Tokyo.0: 00/1: 46 South Vietnam News of Kyodo News on September 23 Japanese Foreign Minister Toshimitsu Motegi welcomed Taiwan to apply for a comprehensive partnership agreement and Trans-Pacific Progress (CPTPP). It welcomed Taiwan to join CPTPP. Photo: Claudio Reyes / AFPTheo Foreign Minister Motegi, Taiwan is "an extremely important Japanese partner", sharing common values, so Tokyo's reaction to Taiwan's actions to join CPTPP "Based on a strategic perspective and public understanding". Japanese course has no similar action for China - the country also officially applied for CPTPP on 16-9

.Theo news agency Reuters, on September 22, Taiwan announced that they have submitted applications to join CPTPP, not long after Beijing's similar actions. Taiwan's Administrative Institute Lo Ping-Cheng said Taiwan Have notified to the members of the CPTPP Agreement on wanting to join and seek the support of these countries. "Joining CPTPP is an important economic and commercial policy that the government has made efforts Promoting for a long time "- Mr
Lo said. In the beginning, the head of the Administrative Institute of Taiwan Bonge also requires agencies to prepare for the process M judicial economic agency Taiwan Wang Mei-Hua expressed concern about the decision to apply for "suddenly" by China and hope this will not affect the integration of the Agreement Taipei's observation observation, Taiwan official negotiations with CPTPP member countries will face strong objections from the Beijing. on September 7, Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs speech Uong Van Ban stressed: "We are determined to oppose the discussion and signing agreements related to sovereignty and the official nature of any country with Taiwan" .Vinh Khang

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