The First Foreign Civil Flight After The Taliban Took Control Of Kabul Airport

A civil flight on September 13 left Kabul, was the first flight since the Taliban regained control of Afghanistan last month. The plane took off from the international airport in Kabul.Theo AFP, Quoc Airport In the Afghan capital, the flights were absent after the US forces ended the evacuation from the end of last month. Taliban since then tried to bring this airport to operate with technical support from Qatar and other countries. September 13, a Pakistani international airline jet landed Kabul, before making a flight return to Islamabad

.The ground employees of the airport, about 70 people were on flight to Pakistan's capital, mainly Afghan people who are relatives of employees International organizations like the World Bank. "This is a great moment. We are very happy
This is a full day of hope. Maybe other airlines will see this and decide to return, "a airport staff said. Before that, AFP quoted a spokesman for PIA airline spokesman, said the company wants to connect Re-commercial flights are normal, but too early to talk about the frequency of flights between Pakistan and Afghanistan. However, on Sunday, Pia's spokesman, Abdul Hafiz said they did not connect Back flights to Kabul and their contact with officials in Kabul are about rented flights. He said they were willing to resume flights to come and travel from Kabul but now, no decisions have been made on this issue. Qatar Airways have also exploited some Kabul subscribers flights , mainly foreigners and Afghan people missed previously evacuated flights. A Afghanist Afghanistan has resumed inland routes on 3/9.Taliban over the past time that has repeatedly promised to allow Afghanists to have enough appropriate papers to be free to leave the country.

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