The First Spatial Mission Of The Whole Civilian Is About To Wave Netflix

On August 19, Netflix online transmission service (streaming) Netflix announced to launch the series of documentary documents Inspiration 4, the world's first universe mission includes the whole civilians.0: 00/2 : 31The nuan nuoc: Program consists of 5 parts will be aired in September and will describe the 4-member squadron cruise to implement the Inspiration4 mission from the preparation until it is launched into the universe Falconic 9 Falcon push rocket. The projection time will be quite close to the actual time when this mission is made on the 15th anniversary of September 9, inspiration4 is invented by Jared Isaacman, 38 years old, founder of SHIFT4 Payments, sponsorship and deployment. After other business billionaires, Isaacman is the latest entrepreneur to grasp business trends based on space tourism industry that is said to have many prospects

. Isaacman invited 3 other ordinary people to join the trip consisting of a medical staff, a college teacher and an engineer. Player on Netfflix on the mission of the title "Countdown: Inspiration4 Mission to Space" Will take the viewer according to the crew from the stages of behind the scenes such as the recruitment, the program to train the skills of trade astronauts lasting for months, to boom and emotional moments When preparing to enter space. The end of the document series will be projected after the mission is completed and there will be "unprecedented" scenes recorded inside the spacecraft, recording the scoring time and the astronaut Union up space as well as when returning to earth
The program produced by Connor Schell and Jason Hehir directed. In this mission, every member of the crew will convey the main messages including: commanding spirit, hope, generosity and prosperity and prosperity . In which, the person who plays a message about the hope of Hayley Arceneaux, 29, a medical staff, has overcome childhood cancer and becomes the first to fly into the universe with a part Fake on the body. Isacmaan also wanted through Inspiration4 to call for $ 200 million to donate to St.jude pediatric hospital where Arceneaux worked and was also where she was treated as a child. Bringing a generous mental message Chris Semborski, 41 years old, former US air force soldiers currently do aerospace engineer. And the final member of Sian Proctor, 51, Professor of Geological Science, once registered to become NASA astronauts, will have a role in conveying the message about "prosperity". Tourists have been taken up space in the 2001-2009 years on Russian spacecraft and have professional astronauts. However, Inspiration4 mission only includes ordinary people. Le Anh (VNA)

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