The First Thing We Need To Learn Is To Treat Yourself Well

When we are young, we are often too busy with repetitive work, with future plans that forget to treat themselves <: 00/2: 29 nu southern menqualfang on this life, Except for health, nothing is your saying like this: "In this world, except for health, nothing is yours." Indeed, there is health that is all. Whether you are poor and rich, live at the bottom or top, when your illness, you cannot resist. And what you want most at that time is health. When you are sick, ill, there is no health, noise, wealth, the house, the car also doesn't have any sense

. On this life, except for health, nothing is yours. (Artwork) In today's society, most people pursue the so-called "successful": Living in a large house, driving a luxury car and has source of endless wealth. To reach Before the purpose, you force your body to work to exhaustion, quickly consume health and energy
But when your dream becomes a reality, it is also when you receive a notice of hospitalization for treatment. Buddha says: "All sentient beings take health to make joy". You know, health is 1 and everything else by zero. If you don't have the previous health, no matter how much of the wealth, power and status will automatically return to 0. Making people, must be healthy Have the opportunity to create wealth and enjoy life. Good behavior with yourself, reinstalling your body is the best way to save our lives, is the secret to us to pay the lowest price for the battle Living and is a miracle weapon for us to have a happy life control good mood will generate balance in life life, there is a lot of things that are not as important. But life is yours, life has fun day, also sad day. Learn how to let go to live for serenity. Good control mood is also a way for you to create balance in life. Think that let go of emotions like removing salt into a glass of water, the glass will be salty
But if you put salt in the sea, that salt amount doesn't work anything. Learn how to let go to live for serenity. (Artwork) The first one who needs to learn is a good way to treat yourself with your life, you are nourished and oriented by your family. By the day, you go to work, there's a little income, you worry about your parents, lovers and children. Time passed, you suddenly realized that only alone you are moving forward. This life, failed, you have to live as yourself. Health is the most precious capital in your life. And a healthy body is more important than anything else. Instead of labor force, overtime, increase shifts, eat ready-made food, spend more time exercising and cook healthy food. Learn how to treat yourself and always get good health and refreshing spirit. Huynh Trang / according to Sohu

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