The First Time I Met, The Girl Revealed Embarrassment When Going Drinking

Being matched with the same guy with the right guy, the legal worker has funny shares that make him extremely interested in beasts.0: 00/1: 59 nuoc nghiep Mai mai dating 7 and the rights of the spiritual spirit for Tuan Vi (26 years old, Tra Vinh) - Legalian and Chi Thanh staff (28 years old, Dong Thap) - Business staff. Vi is a sociable, happy, good communication but cooking is not good bean. She likes the boyfriend's model to cook, warm, belonging to the family of the family, fiercely with her parents. The bar has a friendly strong point, sociable, grasping good work and ready to help people; Weakness or forget, live closed, slightly straightforward

. Participating in the program he hoped to find a sincere, listened, fiercely listened to his parents and loved her true. The couple all undergone two love affairs but didn't go anywhere. Question: "If you are kissing suddenly you will react?"
Lice shyly replied, he did not dare to kiss and reacted by showing out and turned to look at him. Tuan Vi replies very straightforward: "I was kissing that I was hole and so I had to kiss again, so I didn't have a loss" causing the rights to be extremely interested in the initiative of the dear. After being connected , Girls offer a chubby boyfriend, cute and fun of her right. The impression with a girl with a girl with a charming, sociable, cute smile. There are no afraid of love with a memories related to the alcohol that is going to drink and vomiting right at the restaurant so extremely embarrassed Don't dare to go back to the second time. The bar is also honest when saying that his work comes into contact with many female customers so he or he is teased. He hoped his girlfriend understood because of out of work and his family, he had nothing to hide. "If I'm going to don't do it, it's okay, I have a friend and create conditions for each other," Chi Thanh added. "Time is not much but I feel that you are very sincere. His talks are very real, I also like such a man because of creating a sense of safety
I also hope my chance to find out for ", Tuan Vi shared. End the appointment, both gave the heart to agree to dating in his joy. According to T.V / Dan Viet

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