The First Time It Was Possible To Detect The Light From The Collision Between Two Black Holes

According to Space, the astronomers may have seen the light from two black holes (and 00/1: 46 men's universe black holes are completely dark and therefore cannot be observed with the Telescopes detect light. So far, the only way for astronomers can observe black holes to study the attractive waves obtained. Photo: Caltech / r. HURT (IPAC) Attractive waves are oscillates in time structure - space, created by strong collisions between large-scale celebrations such as black holes and neutrons. Since the first annoying waves in 2015, scientists have observed attractive waves, originating and colliding objects may have created them

. Strong to the level of light cannot escape, they are very difficult to observe and astronomers have not been determined with the eye of a collision between two black holes. A statement from NASA, while the The black hole is completely dark, there are hypotheses that the collisions or merits among black holes can produce a light signal through a matter surrounding them by causing emission matter. A group of astronomers using the Zwicky Transient (ZTF) base at the Palomar Observatory in California said they may have discovered such a light signal
Attractive is created by the merger Between black holes discovered by scientists on May 21, 2019 by using two different attractive wave detectors. Attractive waves they detect originate from a collision event named GW190521G. Scientists said that GW190521G could be a collision between two black holes. Astronomers used ZTF to observe the universe and search for light signals from this collision. If confirmed, this will be the first time the light is used to do evidence of the two black holes colliding and creating an attractive wave ./. Mai Trang / VOV.VN (translation) by Space

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