The First Time Singapore Introduced The ‘michelin Guide Young Chef Award’ Award

Michelin handbook marks a 5-year anniversary milestone in Singapore with the launch of the 'Michelin Guide Young Chef Award'.0.0: 00/3: 13Thu Nam Thiet 5 years of launches, Michelin Singapore handbook The list of Michelin Michelin awards in 2021 and the highlights of Bib Gourmand category and Michelin Gwendal Poulennec, Global Director of Michelin Handbook, said: "Despite the challenges in 2020, I Really impressed with the ability to adapt to the circumstances and innovation of the chefs and their team. Besides the restaurant management, they have helped people with difficulties in the community, from Food support for immigrant workers and headlines to establish a welfare fund for employees in the dining service industry

. In the publication in 2021, we grateful to perseverance And the dedication of experts helped connect people through culinary arts and great experiences There is. I believe that the readers of the Michelin handbook and all those who love cuisine are very excited to continue to explore Singapore with culinary culture, colorful, as well as improvements took place during the year. Through and in the coming years "This, a restaurant is promoted to Michelin three stars, a restaurant with two stars Michelin, 5 restaurants are promoted to a star Michelin and 7 restaurants for the first time awarded one Michelin star Michelin also marks the 5-year anniversary milestone in Singapore with the launch of the "Michelin Guide Young Chef Award" award
This award is a recognition for the Young Chef Work in the restaurant Michelin star rating, with special talent and great potential. Mark's Mark Tai of CloudStreet restaurant has won the award "Michelin Guide Singapore Singapore Young Chef Award" this year. Graduated Culinary School of America with a few Years of business experience in the hotel and restaurant, professional as well as the leadership of Mark The ear is far beyond the scope of the kitchen and shines in aspects of operation and catering services. At CloudStreet, Mark's skills were shown in complex dishes to help him show their talent in the most interesting way, as well as the ability to command in the kitchen. High-class cooking with the ability to handle quality products is always guaranteed in Chef Mark Tai. Also, Michelin announced a list of 69 restaurants who won the title Bib Gourmand thanks to serving meals worthy Coins at a price of less than $ 45. The selection list of Michelin Manual Singapore 2021 also recognizes 142 Michelin Plate standard restaurants, out of a total of 260 base awarded, more than 19 restaurants compared to the list of 2019.michelin, headquartered It is located in Clermont-Ferrand (France), which is always trying to improve the movement of customers in a sustainable way. Michelin specializes in designing and distributing the most suitable tire products, services and solutions according to customer needs. Besides, the company also provides digital services, maps and instructions to help improve the quality of trips and turn them into a unique experience
Michelin is also a place specializing in developing high-tech materials serving many industries. Michelin is currently available in 170 countries with 123,600 employees and 71 tires manufacturing facilities have produced about 170 million tires in 2020 . ( CTV

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