The Former British Royal Assistant: ‘in Marriage With Prince Charles, Princess Diana Is A Distance Person’

A former royal assistant said Princess Diana was the one who betrayed her husband before he returned to the old love party.0: 00/1: 20 namtheo Allan Peters, who worked for Wales Wales in close A decade, before knowing his wife passionately, Barry Mannakee security guards, Prince Charles did not find "old people" as Camilla. "Many people said that Prince Charles was 'lost' in this marriage But obviously not. The person traites the vow. After knowing, the prince returned to see Mrs

. Camilla, "he said. Callan also accepted himself who told Prince Charles about Diana's awkwardness with Barry. "I began to notice every time near Barry, her behavior was unusual
After 20 minutes, she asked, she had just acknowledged himself with his feelings for him, "he said. The King of Wales came and said that he would keep Barry back to avoid princess Buddha Italy, Allan decided Go. "No one is a villain here. In my opinion, everyone is a victim. Prince Charles suffered a lot of pressure to maintain the marriage, and Princess Diana too, "he recalled. In 1984, when Harry was born, the couple had separate bedrooms. By 1986, they were no longer holidays together. Diana and Charles separated in 1992 and officially divorced in 1996.

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