The Formula For Making Mayonnaise Is So Simple To ‘want To Fail.

Regardless of any dish, though salad, fried, grilled, bread ... When eating Mayonnaise is also a very perfect combination of fascinating dishes.Mayonnaise is a smooth sauce originating from cuisine Western

. Some street dishes in Vietnam when combined with Mayonnaise give a fairly special taste. Fatty and delicious sauce make the dish much more bold. This is also extremely easy to use, the whole family is preferred, especially children because they always need something used to "dot all Gender "
The housekeeping at home is very simple, ensuring safety and hygiene and nutrition that finished products are extremely attractive, delicious. This special spice is also known by adding many essences to help beautify da.Mayonnaise contains main components as chicken egg yolk, cooking oil, rice vinegar, spices ... and many variations Applying additional aromatherapy. According to experts, in 2 tablespoons of Mayonnaise containing 115 calories, 9g fat, 7g carbohydrate, 209mg sodium and 2g sugar, mayonnaise canonise can be fattened when eating. However, if used one Reasonable, moderate and proper ways do not affect the weight. Mayonnaise does not fat fast and fat in Mayonnaise is unsaturated fat, very good for the body. Salad fruit mixed canonnaise is very delicious enough without worrying about gaining weight
Here is the formula for making mayonnaise defeat "with extremely simple material: raw material: - 2 egg yolks - 1/2 lemon-salt-salt-cooking oil: take 2 egg yolks in the bowl Innox or bowl of porcelain, add 1/3 of a spoon Salt, 1 tablespoon of the mixture of the mixture until light yellow transfer. For 2 tablespoons of lemon juice, a little lemon shell, use the egg hit at a slow speed, who does not use egg beaters can hit manually . Move the mixture, when salt and sugar were dissolved. Prepare 2 bowls of cooking oil, continue to hit eggs at medium speed, and gradually increase to high speed, for each teaspoon of the egg mixture So until the amount of oil is out of oil. Do not add too much oil at the same time to avoid oil separation. When you find a smooth and relaxed sauce, lift it without being flowed down, especially and sticking on the egg beaker. Note: If the sauce is separated by oil, don't rush to leave another yolk, hit Until a pale color, then in turn for the egg sauce, the oil is separated, hitting it until the special thing is. Make more flavor. You let saoding into the refrigerator cooler at a temperature of 5 - 12 degrees Celsius and after 1 night is can be used immediately. Mayonnaise sauce is dotted with everything you can see with new experiences. Batch in the family kitchen! Chau Anh

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