The French Group Asked Australia To Compensate After A Self-esteem Of A 40 Billion Usd Submarine Contract

Officials of the French Group on September 22 said that the detailed compensation proposal will be sent to Australia in the next few weeks, but does not disclose specific numbers. "Australia arbitrarily terminates the contract, that means We have no errors. This has been mentioned in the agreement, it is necessary to have compensation for the costs we spend and will appear in the future, regarding re-operation of human resources and stopping Use infrastructure. We will enforce their rights, "said Pierre Eric Pommellet - CEO of French Shipbuilding Group Naval Group said. Suffren in the Barracuda class of the French class runs in October 2020

. Photo: The French Navy is also subject to the French Defense Ministry, Naval Group has spent about 900 million euros for submarine preparation steps. However, submarine groups do not suffer any damage because the above money has been paid by the Australian government. Australia on September 16 suddenly canceled the agreement to buy submarines normally signed with France from In 2016, after the United States and British Military Alliance 3 Side Aukus, caused a serious diplomatic crisis
The French leader Le Drian called this "a knife stabbed behind the back", and the main Paris rights summoned ambassadors in Washington and Canberra to return to the country. The country's defense industry in the coming years. Linh (TH)

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