The Funny Cottage Makes Customers Fall Chairs: Selling Because Of Passion, Withstanding It, Buy It!

Saying that almost everyone is treated, friendly with guests 9: 00/1: 21 Southern Southern restaurant restaurants, affordable markets ... is always a special feature associated with the habit of Vietnamese people, hard to replace, whether "restaurant culture" has grown strongly. "Souls" of markets and shops are small traders trafficking, cooking with very own service ways

. For them, strange guests are easy to know, guests are so strange. Although there are characteristics and unique service styles, guests still see themselves and went to come. Here are a few uncles, the minister of small businesses have fun on MXH Vietnam
Sometimes it is "fastidious" but still creates muscle laughter: must first mention the true uncle means selling because of passion for anything! Tea switches, ice tea, fruits ... to ride on the car to sell well. From selling fruit ... to ice tea, tea tends to continue to the small market, still looks strenuous but more a car Genuine side is everyone knows "underground giants". When it was too tired, this fragile heart could not stand it anymore! The shopkeeper was a bit cute! What about the size New sales make the class, so that this sea does not laugh new laughs. Normally unleash playing teenscode systems, wrong that guests still buy nostalgia is a talented talent
Because there are too high sales, worshiping people. Marketing master is here.Theo Thanh Phong / Enterprise

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