The Future Mother-in-law Announced To Cancel The Wedding When He Heard The News I Was Infertile, 4 Years Later Looking At The Children Playing In Front Of The Gate, She Burst Into Tears

I have done enough ways to prove myself ordinary health, without a breeding problem, but my boyfriend does not believe.0: 00/3: 27 male days of the hero's house, I was with my mother Opposition fiercely. The reason is understandable, it is because my family is not rich in hero. The famous boyfriend's house is most of me. His mother "watched" for the son the girls she thought was to be published! However, Hung refused, decided to take me

. In the end, his mother had to give in. But near the wedding day, a thing happened. Two families who talked to ask, do not know where the hero's mother took out a sheet of medical examination and treatment
Including my name and diagnosis from the hospital. It won't be worth mentioning if the conclusion in it does not record me infertility. Future mother-in-law throws a 4-piece sheet to the table. Ms. Hung claimed to cancel the kiss in front of his family and my family. I was confused, bringing my eyes looking at me made me frantically. After that, I explained and how excuse my mother did not believe. She pouted his lips: "In the past, it was very playful to play, so it was very difficult to carry out. May I know soon, no, she deceived the whole family, both of us." All people started to talk about my dignity
My mother fainted on the spot because of shock, and I was angry with blushing, big shouting, scolding what did I do to apply rice husk in the whole house? Hung Christmas me the slap that explodes that eye. He left immediately afterwards! To prove to his cleanness, the next day I went back and brought new results to hero hero to Thanh Minh. But she chased me back, and released the dog so I couldn't get inside. The way, I called Hung but I didn't believe me anymore. Hero uses many words of waste, humiliating me. Boyfriend said that he was a child, had to get a wife to give birth to his family. Finally the wedding was canceled. I became the topic of the village for a long time. Where everyone looks at me and then pouting. My parents are very sad, they quarrel more because of me. Even my mother also poured the disease because of thinking too much ... (Artwork) after 2 months of breaking on my farewell, Hung married a new wife. I have to leave the village to do it again. Fortunately, when I went to the city, I earn good jobs. Because I was also a person who studied, graduating from a famous university. The first year I didn't dare to go back to the village. By being obsessed with people who put me. Moreover, I am afraid of myself that affect your parents. The time like a thute, seeping for 4 years has passed, that incident went into the past. Every village everyone now talks more, they are no longer at me. By now I have married and gave birth to a pretty boy. My marriage life is very happy. Even when listening to my past, husband and husband's house did not hate. They even loved me more. That evidence was enough to clear me. Then, when I was playing in front of the gate, I accidentally met the old lover and his mother. Seeing me they confused, but not in time. Because I have seen them. It is true that the money is reported. Hung married to his mother's arrangement. But this is the one who can't give birth to him. On the contrary, he also played playing, tricking her Hero's money to the whole billion and then left with another man. I hugged the happy son son, she suddenly burst into tears. Perhaps because of regret. But now it's not time. The whole village knew she had tricks to stop her son to get me. Hung is also a man who doesn't leave anything. Not yet he hastily believed her mother to leave me. After his wife left was depressed, drinking drunken wine, resulting in an accident that was so broken on the eyes. Now the village's daughter knows the bad reputation of this house, no one wants to marry her daughter. Heroes are not brave enough to remake from the beginning ... in the sunflower HT / Fatherland newspaper

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