The Future View Of Education: ‘creativity Is The Next Era Of Wisdom’

The future view of education: "Creativity is the next era of wisdom" to gradually form and promote the creativity of a child, first of all need to approach intellectuals in a multi-angle view Comprehensive and unlimited ... Life in 2050 seems to be outside the imagination of the current person. The appearance of large data (Big Data), artificial wisdom (AI) or everything connected - Internet of Things (IoT) during the 4

.0 Industrial Revolution has affected each other to make social models , Politics, Economics, Old Education is changed. Now this world becomes more flat than ever when individuals can contact, connect cooperation with each other easily, regardless of ethnicity , Gender, you come from nation or territories. Global urgency issues are challenging the entire experience of mankind
Annual Purchasing Annual Education will share about "creativity is the next era of wisdom". Change too fast and if each individual is not active to refresh yourself every day through creative activities, perhaps the robot story replaces people who control the world or the earth facing the disaster Dual will no longer be a picture that only appears in sci-fi movies. It is main reason, the urgent question is set for parents, schools, or educational workers or Society is: What is a child born in the 2020s what to do to survive in 2050? The world's leading educational experts and scientists will participate in the seminar. Will be educational professionals, world famous scientists like Professor Howard Gardner, Professor Ngo Bao Chau, Professor Tran Thanh Van, educator À diplomatic female third town ... Share at the Annual Meeting on the future educational "The Symphony of the Mind" 2021 with the theme "Creative is the next era of wisdom" is held online On August 8 and 9/10/2021. Besides leading experts in their fields, young talents have been shining in multiple areas representing the future of Vietnamese future intellectuals, Van I will also participate and share at this conference. Educational people believe that people should be trained to become a true "human", they have freedom, full My mind and heart and proceed to become my own most beautiful version.PV

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