The Gestures Are Considered Ruling To Avoid When Traveling

Due to cultural differences in some countries, simple hand gestures can be considered ruling but visitors do not know.02 / 4: 07 namiran: Joining the thumb is gesture Hands that many people like and thinks normally, however can become vulgar thing in some places. "Unfortunately, in Iran or Afghanistan, the action raised his thumb similarly to raising the middle finger in the Western culture" - Dana Hooshmand, the author of the Discover Discomfort site explained. However, today Iranians are known for the society, they will not be insulted when foreign tourists take this action.Anh: Raise the hand around the world, the second finger movement And the third up forming a V-shaped is extremely popular

. If you do this move in the UK with the palm of turning out, harmless. But if your palms turn to you, sometimes become a big insult, excitement. Anyway, visitors are still sympathetic, indigenous people will remind you to turn your hand to avoid troubles
A hypothesis has not been verified but quite interesting behind this meaning. Coming from the battles in the 15th century, war prisoners were said to have been cut by the second and third fingers so they couldn't shoot anymore. Therefore, prisoners escaping before suffering this penalty will raise two fingers up to show mockery. The mockery implicit of this gesture is still until today.Malaysia: pointing with the index finger to point to the index finger is often considered rude in many countries, especially in Malaysia. To stay polite, Malaysians use thumbs, usually right hand, when it takes direction or mention something. In some places such as Disneyland Amusement Park, the staff are trained to always use two fingers when indicating the road for visitors. Loose: Touch the end of the people in the US, pat on the head someone, solid Sincerely with young children can be a sweet and loved gesture, while stroking someone's hair is a fun action. But when it comes to Thailand, this action can be considered serious insult. In Thailand, the head is considered the most sacred department; So you should not use your hands to touch another person to avoid being understood as not to respect or dirty this sacred thing
Similarly, the foot is considered to be the most clean part of the body, so raising the toes towards others is considered to be offended behavior in Thailand.Brazil: Symbol of the US, Western countries and Some Asian countries, this symbol shown for consent, but in Brazil, it is a rough gesture. According to Talek Nantes Travel Blogger, this gesture represents the word "O" and the word "K" in the US, but in the South American country, it describes a delicate body department, especially when you guide The palms in the inside. Taiwan: pointing to the moon on the moon according to the belief of Taiwanese (China), the only hand on the moon does not insult someone, but will make the moon goddess floating. It is believed that those who insulted the moon goddess will be punished, for example, cutting ears. So if you have the opportunity to watch the moon in Taiwan, try to hold your hands with your side and don't point to the moon. India, the Middle East: Use the left hand to the wrong way of these cultures, right hand And the left hand is specifically designated. Hand must be used to eat, bring money or choose items when buying. The left hand is for less pleasant work like cleaning the body, especially after going to the toilet. Because of this, the left hand is considered not clean and not used for other social activities. So if you use your left hand to eat, pay, transfer objects or call someone to be considered an extremely disrespectful action. Italy: Swipe chin when I come to Italy, be careful if you have a habit of stroking chin . In Italy, especially the northern region, moving the palms and using fingers to strokes his own chin understood as aggressive gestures, meaning "disappearing" or worse than that. In Belgium, France, Tunisia, if you have this gesture when talking, indigenous people can understood the same sense of similar .Philippines: Using fingers to call many countries, people wavanged as a way to Genuine and call someone, like the message "Come here". However, if you call someone with an index finger that will be a rude behavior. In the Philippines, this gesture is a common way to call dogs or animals in general, so it is not used for people. Similarly in Korea, when you wavtle with your palm towards someone is also a lack of respect ./. Ly Nam /

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