The Giant Hyacinth Tangerine Is Higher Than 4m From The Guests, Taking Care Of Tet Nham Dan

The greenhouse garden is more than 4m higher than the Lunar New Year, but no one has no one opened the goods, making the owner of the garden worry.Video: the most "terrible" hyglass garden Hung Yen00: 00/00: 51Van Giang, Hung Yen is famous as the ornamental plane in the North, near the Lunar New Year is a trader in the places where it comes to hunt for strange ornamental plants. One of the most strange places This must be mentioned in the terrible scale. This is a famous product in the bonsai village. They belong to Mr

. Nguyen Thanh Trung's family (residing in Lien Nghia commune, Van Giang district, Hung Yen province). TRUNG started to create this unique Tet crops from about 6-7 years ago. According to Trung Trung, this land only has his family as a large size of hyacinths
It takes 3-4 years, a normal tangerine has enough maturity to create hyacinths size. However, even if the size of the tangerine does not show up, it is also considered to give up. The tangerine is more than 2 sao (Northern) of Mr. Trung's family continuously planted with new trees after every Tet. At nearing the Lunar New Year, the standard trees (usually 3-4 years old and out of the false error) will be chosen to create hyacinth bottles. "Not any age tree also works. There are original branches that are not thick enough or not to make a result, it is considered "slipping" the case. The shape is not easy to do, "said Trung Trung. With nearly 40 pairs, if the weather supports and expensive, they can bring back to his family to collect nearly 1 billion dong. This is the result for the hard effort of the whole family every year
buying. "Every year this is many people who asked to buy it very much, have merchants to buy and deliver to Ho Chi Minh City. But now no one has asked. I am very clear enough, only more than the other day is the trade season and then every situation die, "said Trung. . The most expensive is that pairs cost 35 million dong with a height of more than 4m. It is known that this price is much cheaper than previous years. Mr. Trung still remembered the first year he made Tang Bin. He only made 8 pairs, but each pair had to be charged 50 million VND, he sold now, was influenced by Covid-19, so it was more gloomy than the previous years. The trade, trade in the land is considered to be largest in the northern largest bonsai. "Although the impact of Covid-19, all costs from seedlings, fertilizer materials, labor, money Shipping increased but I still decided to sell cheaper prices than previous years to choose up and down of the market. Cheaper prices but still worrying not to sell here, "Mr. Trung said. Last year because of the impact of epidemics. As near Tet, the lower they are worried, the more customers are more than ever.

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