The Girl Controversed Because Of The Nonchalant Attitude, Refusing To Date A Boy With A Powerless Voice

The 'Lunch Appointment' program No. 303 is a screen to meet between Thu Trinh (27 years old, Ho Chi Minh City) and Van Khai (31 years old, currently living in Binh Duong). The frankly sharing of the 'girl's house' in the program attracted a large number of people's interest and created many opinions. In the introduction of themselves, Khai said he was a known person Lo thought, cared about others, happiness and society. The weakness of the guy is quite shy in crowded

. Currently, Khai is a technical personnel at an apparel and weekend leasing the orchestra to get more income. "House boys" also said I am willing to share housework like cooking, cleaning, washing dishes .
. if your wife is too busy. The 31-year-old boy is praised by many netizens because of the sexual and gentle love. On the side of the "girl's house", Thu Trinh claimed to be a person with a "rain and rain". Left, she was quite guaranteed, could "scale" out of housework like washing dishes and cooking. Currently, the 27-year-old girl selling online and before the translation opened the milk tea shop. Trinh said he was lost 5 years ago and she didn't want her to take another step for fear of binding scenes, not happy when living Along with the children like now. The young girl thinks that later married will go back to his mother. Thu Trinh also affirmed that she is still the number 1 and her husband only ranks behind. The girl said the mother will be in No
1, then went to her husband. In the share of the ideal lover, the boy Indicates that he wishes to meet the girl who respects adults, cute love and do not play, play too much. At the secret of the virgin, she had criteria for choosing a boyfriend who was strong, talking definitely, hard to do business and must succeed. And the appearance only needs to be able to see, do not require high. After hiding the face, both have the opportunity to meet and chat directly through the screen without "mothers" sand wall for about 5 minutes. At this moment, his embarrassed boy asked how the girl thought about him. In response, the secret: "Isn't it. I see you are normal. "The girl is not very excited, and the blooming when you directly talk to the boy. No, the girl frankly: "I live in Ho Chi Minh City from small to big so I still like in the city. If I have a house to buy houses, buy in Ho Chi Minh City for convenience and work ". When the boy is afraid the housing price in the city may be high and unable to finance, Thu Trust said: "Depending on the place, it's not a high price". Young girl wants her husband The future will buy a house stable in Ho Chi Minh City. Also time chatting to get acquainted with the boy, the viewer noticed the 27-year-old girl with an unrivaled attitude. At this time, "she" "Cat Tuong appears again and asks if anything is dissatisfied with the enemy. Young girl was frankly: "When I see Revelation, I'm a little disappointed because I like men talking to be strong." This situation, female MC "spoke" to the boy because of the voice Sometimes is congenital and does not completely decide whether a person has a strong or not. In addition, MC Cat Tuong reminds everyone if there is a need to find half, then straighten the standards of yourself, instead of "SAO" and when I meet you're unhanh. "At first I said, finding a person, then when I met, criticizing people, poor people. Handsome, tall to be unstable. People with stable jobs are too unrealistic. If people are both handsome, the house floor, what does the car do it for their turn, "the female MC messed away. Many comments from the online community expressed regret to the guy with faithful and lovely love but have not met the right person. In addition, the girl's sharing has caused many opposite comments: "Listen to the story of young people who love guys and sorry for the girl to miss a person" "her boyfriend is honest, Feel the sincerity when participating in the program. Looking forward to you soon find your partner "" Women don't be too busy, wish you a love of my life "" The girl frankly from the beginning is also good, back from the conflict ". Photo cut from clip)

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