The Girl In The Carpet In A Birthday Party, Knowing The Cause Of Anyone Who Is Also Indignant

Cream cake game to increase the air for a birthday party has been repeatedly reacted. However, sometimes this situation still happens causing many people to be extremely confusing and wrath.02 / 1: 22 nam nam nay here, social network has just passed the hands of short clips to record a girl Young in the carpet shape multiple times when you are tired, face the ice cream cake around the person. On the girl now from head to legs, it also sticks to the ice cream cake. Photo cut from clip, but the girl's friend still hasn't stopped this sow joke

. A guy proved quite excitedly, holding the whole big ice cream cake and headed directly to the face of the girl. The girl was very tired but perhaps because he didn't want to make a party stress so Any harsh reactions. Clip immediately after appearing on the social network immediately receives a lot of interest of the network community
Many people are extremely pressed with the naughty action of the girl's friend's group. The cream cake on the owner of the birthday party just made this person ugly, dirty, while they were previously Spending a lot of effort, time to prepare for yourself is so beautiful. . Intime, the ice cream cake crowded everywhere in the venue of birthday also caused the restaurant owners to be bored with "battlefield beach" after the customers left away!

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