The Girl Kneeling And Crying, Please Don’t Break Up Before The Wedding Day, The Unexpected Cause From The Girl’s House

The capital is familiar with tomorrowlies and has lived in more than 2 years, the couple will have a full match is a beautiful wedding.0: 00/1: 20 years of life in Shenzhen city (China) Not very much, but both are very happy and looking forward to the future, when they make enough money to serve their parents and take care of their own home. The boys in the countryside, hoping he was given to the rich husband. However, because she loved her poor boyfriend, she was true and pleaded with the words, would like to take him home to the house. But when he knew he was a poor man, they immediately reached and demanded 300,000 yuan (more than 1 billion dong) the ceremony

. The girl mother said straight that their house needs money to worry about the wedding of small son, moreover, the big ceremony did not make the whole family "lose face". After borrowing relatives and friends but still not enough , the boy is determined to say farewell and clean up the furniture, until Tan Ca will officially move away. Can not accept the truth, the girl went to the boyfriend's company and hugged him crying
Witnessing a miserable girlfriend, the boy also made her tears revealed that she knew about the other giant "wedding challenge". "Your parents are suffering enough, I can't go to them anymore. Let's go to me! "After finishing, he turned away, leaving the girl sitting.

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