The Girl Shed Tears Because He Was Deceived By Men

Dr. To Nhi A blaming the girl is too naive before the juicy sedomes of men in the 3rd person program: 00/2: 58 Nou southern region V. (28 years old) currently lives in Bien Hoa. In the 3rd person show, she recalled the first marriage of her husband in 19 years old. After that, she discovered many times he texted, exchanging images sensitive to many strange girls

. When carrying the second baby's pregnant, because she couldn't stand the flower husband, she chased him out of the house. In 2017, both gave each other to the Court after five years of marriage. By 2019, she happened to know the man who was a plastic surgeon
After many talks, meet, both have affection. Six months later, she discovered pregnancy. V. Sharing at the program. Photo: Jet V. Do not know the information, address and phone number of this man, only knowing his hometown in Long Khanh: "After the bad miss, I don't have expectation myself will take another step. The relations of relations, I offered the use of contraception but he did not agree. "Added to add:" I said if I have a child, I will help me. This makes me more confident when I was born, he would be responsible for both mother and son. I saw him a very smart doctor, with a look, I wanted to have a daughter inherited his dominant gene "
At the time of pregnancy for about two months, V. V. Find his personal page. She saw the picture where he worked, with his wife's image. I remembered once happened to see him to bring the wedding rings, or the time he deliberately removed the ring put in his pocket in one time with her. When he was questioned, he said here the old lover's rings from the secondary lover , he built itself as a sister man. The way this man hides itself married Ms. V. LOOKING FACT, BEAUTY. He also let go of damaged insults. He told the child not his son and would test DNA when the baby was born. "This is a big shock for me. I hurt like collapsing. Previously, Mr. Tam Numb said I lay for him a daughter, I didn't think myself had a trap again "- Ms. V. Choking. Because of the month, I was hospitalized for gastrointestinal disorders, Ms. V. Don't get a visit from you. He never once looked at him. Once angry, she took me to where he works, but only stands from a distance and texting him. Hearing her confidant V., Doctor of Psychology Psychology, said that men have too many tricks to trick women, they build themselves a picture of a responsible man that makes women believe Think, entrust life for them. As a female body, no one wants to be a third person. When accepting it because they are also in the same path and stuck in pain as Sister V. V. V. said the child was 10 and a half months and the third person was never thing I want to do: "I came to the warning program everyone should not listen to the sweet words of men. We have to be more alert, loves more self ". The third person is broadcast periodically at 20 hours, every third week on Youtube Jet TV Show.

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