The Girlfriend Shared 12 Secrets To Become A Girl ‘gentle To Every Moment’ Caused Excited Relatives

Gentle girl is the ideal model of many boys. However, not every girl knows how to become a gentle girl.02 / 4: 23 Southern gentle girl is one of the patterns that are loved by many boys. However, not every girl knows how to become a gentle girl. And the factors to help a girl become gentle as simple as you think

. You share the 12 secrets to become a girl 'gentle to every moment', making it easy-to-play, on a society The group is quite crowded, a user name LCCN has shared the secret to becoming a gentle girl that makes many people enjoy. According to this user, to become a gentle girl, you need to stand a pregnancy, and don't just go and run, the body forms a 90 degree angle against the sea surface. (Artwork) when said You also need to spend
When she laughed, my girlfriend should shyly cover her mouth. When some animals are too big, too scary, his girlfriend should not shout, agitated. In addition, the girlfriend should also choose the discreet, feminine sets. The sharing of this girlfriend: "1. Be cautious in standing, every time you don't lift your legs too high. Running, posture steps to drill pregnancy, eyes look straight, the body forms a 90 degree angle against the sea surface.2. Say from spending, saying a slightly a sentence, clear comma. in the voice Use 5 steam parts and 5 pieces of force.3
Know how to select the magic using carefully and delicately, flexible and accurately use idioms, knives, proverbs.4. do not swear , talking, talking, chattering, talking alone.5. Laughing gently, shyly, every time you can shyly put my hand on a 45-degree angle, the first is for people Seeing the gentleness, the second is in the case of finishing vegetables still sticking on the teeth.6. Gesture gestures, slowly, each time catches the bus, it is handful to wave a single time, if the car Buses don't stop, let it run over, wait for the next trip.7. Every time you eat Opening the angle is not too large, do not reveal the teeth and expose the throat. Putting a sufficient amount of food into the mouth slowly, when chewing does not have a sound, swallowing it and then eating more pieces.8. Every time it sees animals or objects that make them feel scared, not too big, should not be too excited. If you are afraid of anything, you should pretend a bit a bit scared. Taking the sentence "A falling leaf also makes me startled" as a guideline in life.10. Choosing a discreet outfit, suitable for pure beauty, colors contain a little gentle, a little fly and a little feminine.11. If you don't get used to the carpentry face, you can make a gentle makeup according to the Style Princess Lam Khanh Chi, distinguish lay-out Makeup to go to school and take different performances .12. Treat everyone else, love sentient beings, human as loved on the family. Love animals, love trees, love peace. "The shared lines of this girl immediately attracted great attention from the online community. Everyone thinks that becoming a girl 'gentle From a moment 'is not simple. Girlfriend needs a lot of time and more attention in every gesture, words and actions. This is also what others will notice, comment, comment You. (Screenshot) "Want to be gentle is also a bit difficult," User Loan Nguyen commented. "Gentle to have a lover", User Tra My.The do you pay for something when I meet one The girl's feeling on the face is a mistake that many girls think men cannot read their feelings. However, men are also very noticed by women's expressions, they also know how to feel You cried or easily captivated by your smile. Also, they also feel unusual when you look at them with cold eyes or know you are confused, frustrated every time you pursen your lips. The costume you wear So, when a woman chooses a certain color to hang out with her boyfriend or husband, she will send a silent signal about her mood. At that time, the man's intuition will tell him what she wants to say. (Artwork) In addition, the costume color also shows each person's personality. Men feel useful when the guy can understand your personality through the costume color you wear. You reply to the message of us often we can hardly show your feelings and real Expressing yourself with someone. In particular, the girlfriends rarely speak out their thoughts, they often say the wind of his feelings rather than speaking directly with him. Messaging is an appropriate space that women can reveal their true feelings sincerely and men know this.

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