The Girl’s ‘crazy Plan’ Just Wanted To Go Back To His Old Love, The Ending Made Everyone Shake His Head Because He Was!

Perhaps love blindly, the new girl dares to think about how this imagination is! Is it first to delete all phones, Facebook and other contact methods? Then throw away all the gifts given when I love each other? And finally find ways to express for ex-lover you live very well and he missed a great person like you? However with those who broke up but still do it? Some common thoughts are to "delicious" up so he regret and turn the head to find you. Others said that attending and asked him to come back. If the two sides are still graceful, continue the relationship. However, a woman has another way.Theo, this girl recently "played big" when he pretended to celebrate his own wedding to attract the attention of the ex-lover

. She said that when she found herself in the bride's costume and accompanied by other men, the old people would frantically contact them to let both have the opportunity to come back together. @Dieschakin, she borrowed a social network to tell about his memorable story. The girl recounted his scary plan to pretend the wedding to make his old boyfriend notice
In the video with the title "Remember The time I held a fake wedding and also rented a professional wedding photography team, but the ex-lover still didn't care anything, "she posted a lot of wedding photos at the time. And it's not no longer to say, she is really very invested in this lie. In the photos, she wears a white wedding dress with an extremely professional makeup with a bunch of roses White handheld delicate. And of course, it appeared to have a groom with her hired to play "real". Couple took a picture on the door frame, then looked up to each other over the piano, and more specifically, she was still right A photographic point at the horse racecourse. The girl tossing the wedding photo pretend to take. The total cost for the calculated shot is 1,590 pounds, equivalent to over VND 48 million, some money is not small. However, sadly, her ex-boyfriend did not care and asked asked she expected. He watched the Story she posted but didn't show any moves. At the Ministry of her plan poured into the river down the tank and didn't stir up even a little bit from the old lover
Finally, this wedding photo set must also "ignore" but it doesn't work in this life.Video female Tiktoker has attracted more than 146,000 likes and most of them "hat" before her efforts This girl. Obviously, when still loving each other, people invest all the ways to pull him back to them. Even if the way seems unreasonable, it doesn't deserve it but for those who are loving and looking forward to love, it is worth it. "Help, she thought it was always a special plan or even a special plan or even Crazy always. But watching without many effects, "a network user spoke up. She invested her a groom to perform fake wedding. But, many people expressively understand because if he put I am in the position of the guy, who have a wedding, there is any chance to come back. They assume that women have a variety of ways for the man to start the story or start the relationship again. Bragging that I am in a new relationship, usually they will ignore it, do nothing has the opportunity to return. Many people wonder if her parents and their families will think about what to know Making a crazy part of the girl. To attract attention that do the fake wedding, play too big. There are people who also doubt the story is not real and the girl is just taking a picture for a certain studio.

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