The Goat Was Born With 8 Legs And 2 Hips

The new goat was born in India with 8 legs and hips. A large number of people who have pulled go to goat farmers 'house to' in the market of this strange goat.0: 00/1: 40 men's owner of 8-foot goat is Saraswati Mondal live in Kalmegha, Bangaon city, press Degrees. Saraswati Mondal raises both cows and goats and one of the goats who gave birth on the two children on July 15. One of the two ordinary goats was born ordinary, the rest and two hips

. Unfortunately, the deadly goat died after being born for more than 5 minutes. News about the 8-foot goat quickly spread throughout the village and a large number of people around the residence of Mondal to see the goat. The 8-legged goat died after birth
"This is my first time I Seeing something like this. Nearly 5 minutes after birth, the baby goat died. However, the mother goat and the other are healthy, "Saraswati Mondal shared with India Today. Similar unusual work Every happened in Croatia 7 years ago. Accordingly in 2014 at the farm in the town of Kutjevo, northeastern Croatia, Sarka's mother goat gave birth to a child's goat with 8 legs and two male and female reproductive agencies. "When I count the legs of the newborn goat, I think I got a mistake. After that, I called the neighbors to watch to make sure I didn't have the eyes, "Zoran Paparic, the owner of the 8-legged goat gives. A other 8-legged goat was born in Croatia The goat is not only special because the number is twice as a normal goat but also has two male and female reproductive agencies. Mr. Paparic named the 8-pin goat "octogoat" like a miracle of nature
According to local veterinarians, this case could be the result of twin phenomena but did not grow completely. They also said that the goat could hardly live because it was quite weak. Known in addition to 8-foot goats, Sarka's mother goats and two more healthy goats, flowers (T / H)

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