‘the Gods’ Of Vietnam Tel Controlled The Var In The Match Against Saudi Arabia

The referee Adham Makhadmeh will be the person in charge of VAR in the match between Saudi Arabia and Vietnam Tel in the 3rd round of World Cup 2022.02: 00/1: 26 Namong Adham Makhadmeh is the arbitration with Vietnamese football . (Photo: AFC) According to FIFA's assignment, Jordan's reference will control the VAR in the match between Saudi Arabia and Vietnam Tel in the 3rd World Cup 2022 in Asia. In charge is the referee Adham Makhadmeh, supporting him who is Ahmed Moanis assistant and Mohammed Al-Khalaf. In the past, Adham Makhadmeh is a very kind referee with Vietnamese football

. Both two matches Adham Makhadmeh took the whistle, U23 Vietnam and Tel Vietnam were won jubilantly. Firstly, Vietnam's battle won Taipei China 4-1 in the second round of World Cup 2018 in Asia . The remaining match is the 6-0 victory of U23 Vietnam before U23 Brunei in the Asian U23 qualifier 2020
The Football Festival Saudi Arabia said that the match between the national national team with Vietnam will take place on Mrsool In Riyadh's capital at 20:00 on September 2 at the local time, ie 0h on 3/9 on Hanoi time. However, this is only a competitive time published by Saudi Arabia Football Federation, not yet decided Official definition from the Asian Football Federation (AFC). Because the organizers have yet to pay a specific competition plan for the 3rd round of World Cup 2022 due to preparation in some of the affected matches from Covid-19./.Pv/vov.vn

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