The Grief Of The Wife Does Everything For His Family, But Her Husband’s Husband, Children

The wife has been "sacrificing 'all the age of spring and his career because of her husband, because of her, but her husband was sorry for a couple, the son was stubborn, the daughter was ready to leave her father ... 0:00 / 4: 31 male nasty A young woman came to Tue An, shared that she married when it was twenty, not much understanding. More than 10 years at the husband's house has a 13-year-old boy and a 10-year-old girl

. Biogi her child hears his husband to quit his job at home to take care of their children, to housewife, sacrifice all animals, beautiful dresses, friends ..
because of their husbands and their husbands and their husbands. She, her husband with a couple, children do not listen to his mother. Big son learned poorly, eating and talking, often fighting with you ... and every time I have a teacher who calls you so you have to face the face because your husband said that her husband said that "the brightness at his mother". The fact that his mother is wrong, it shows his eyes shouted, refusing to do it. I am afraid of crying for my husband, because the big guy is wearing a headset, when I leave it, I don't even change my mother because I say a lot Hate, I have to go to the couple. The 10-year-old daughter who lies to sleep, he also embraces, hits him, but once she asks: "Who are your parents to divorce?" And the daughter did not hesitate to choose to follow his father. "Newly happy" makes her heart numb
She asked Tue An to see where she was wrong, but this was the body. Female must appreciate yourself, caring yourself. Artwork. The An An said that she and so many women would be sad, but really a lot of women were wrong when choosing a way of being able to suffer and patient without respecting themselves, so gradually Be appreciated. Everyone has its own life, she and many other women have their own life, don't sacrifice all for the family when the people around her don't want. As you didn't like a item But someone kept inserting your hand a item that you didn't want to accept that. Your "sacrifice" is voluntary, but does anyone need it, and no one likes to live with someone who has "sacrificed" to others and asks people to thank, grateful. sacrifice "everything to her husband, but must know" sacrifice "intelligent and always cherish yourself, giving interest for themselves. That means you have to dress nicely, spending time to take care of the beauty, there must be friends to share emotions, to reduce inhibitions. You also need to go out, have a good pleasure for life without boring, boredom ... and it is important to learn skills, regularly upgrades for yourself to live happily, positively attractive Others who come to me. Who likes a woman who is both ugly, tedious, inhibiting to the point of opening her mouth, saying negative words, screaming, not to mention a problem with a problem that makes the listener uncomfortable. Anyone who steps into marriage is expected to be happy, but what to do to hold and maintain that happiness, not some people notice, vun. To get happiness, first spend at least 3 Now / day to take care of yourself, shop suitable for clothes and carry bags up to exchanges, looking for your own pleasure, hobbies ... so you will be more fun, there are many energyive energy More positive, and there will be many people who want to near you. Female is to be beautiful, must own ... Artwork. Next steps are: 1. Leaving the thoughts wanting to be loved in the afternoon, the family must be spoiled and followed him. Take care of me, the overlap is good, but you do to take care of taking care of yourself. When you love yourself, there is sufficient feelings to love other people (rather than performing) .2. In order to have a happy family you think is sweet, behaved cleverly beautiful face - that's not wrong. But you have to be financially independent, have a stability and work to ensure a happy life. If you have a surplus amount you can help stupid her husband when he has a difficulty. It is not a wife who only needs to care about, taking care of her attentive husband, the new team has a lot of laughter. But interesting will be controlled, causing a stuffy husband, losing freedom. Let your husband get grown up, be mastering her husband's life. And you always remember my wife, not his mother.4. There are many sisters after marriage took her husband both the world. Making wives need to respect, grateful to her husband, but don't make yourself lose your value. Because of someone who "caught" that world will not fall into pathetic collapse. Should be wife but don't put all life, emotions on another person.5. Women after marriage regularly retreated behind their husbands, interrupting the connections with friends, society - that's not true. Whether women love their husbands, their husbands come to create themselves their own fun so that when there is no husband beside you are still happy and happy. The man is also very peace of mind and want to be with an independent woman, knowing how to live with himself, not too dependent on him. Modern women want to have a happy and happy life very well need to learn how to intelligently, wisely, know outline, know the right time, know emotional balance

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